Why Do More People Want To Work From Home?

Working from home seems to be a trend nowadays and a big chunk of the corporate population has been shifting to telecommuting. With the improvement in technology, it is easier to set up a "virtual office". Working in your pajamas, avoiding the bad situations on the streets, completing a task while sipping your coffee with your messy bun, unlimited time with your loved ones and all those stuff you hear about working from home that made you somewhat jealous - they are all true! But let me share some other things that might surprise you about what it feels like when you are not required to go into the office every day.

1. Your Place, Your Office
It doesn't necessarily mean that when you work from home you're only office will be at home. You have the freedom to work anywhere and I mean anywhere! In coffee shops, your bedroom or in your living room and even in your kitchen! For as long as you have the internet connection, you're good to go.

2. You Can Save More
Of course telecommuting means you can save from your everyday fares going to work and believe me that's a big deal! Plus, you won't have to spend more on taxis if we are having bad weather or if you are running late. You can also save in other areas. For instance, you will not be forced to buy new shoes or cardigans just to follow your office's "business attire". And if you're like me, you won't be wasting money on beauty products just to keep that "corporate girl" look because, at home, you can work without having separate wardrobes and can easily put on anything comfy.

3.You Can Be More Independent
And since there are no 'subject matter experts' and 'floor walkers' when you work from home (rather than yourself), you'll end up doing and learning things on your own. No, it doesn't mean you won't get support from your colleagues and managers, but most of the time, you will look into any available resources first and may ask Google first, right?

Plus, you'll also end up with some skills because you need to work well remotely.

4. You Can Stay Focused and Be More Efficient
Working from home lets you accomplish more because you can focus on your tasks and you can work at your own pace.With minimum to no destruction (well, there are still destructions like TV or social media, but you'll get a hang of them and sooner or later you will find them not destructing you at all), you can strategize how to work more efficiently rather than attending to colleagues who'll dropped by  to 'just ask questions' and you'll end up chatting in more than 20 minutes!

5. You'll Have Different Tasks that You Will Definitely Enjoy
We complain most of the time that our jobs are no longer fulfilling. Doing the same things over again is boring. When you work remotely, there are tons of services you can offer, tons of new skills to unlock. And you can also focus on a particular skill and master it. What's more fun about it is how you are being recognized for your job well done!

Are these not enough to convince you why more people are shifting from traveling to go to the office every day to telecommuting? Speaking of tons of services that you can offer, the competition in this jungle is really tough and it is up to you how you'll make it happen. But let me tell you, with the right attitude and determination, you can be successful in this field.

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