Bible-Reading Tips + Bible Tab Stickers Giveaway

Are you like me who is overwhelmed by so many things the Bible has to say? And yet still wants to finish it because it's fundamental and meaningful?

As a working momma, I am always busy and I'll be honest that Bible-reading, in most cases, became least prioritized. It's my goal to finish the whole Bible this year yet I am not even halfway!

The Bible is its own best teacher. However, it is not like an encyclopedia that's arranged by topic. Each chapters were derived from personal stories so it's break down according to timeline and experiences, hence it's divided to Old Testament and New Testament.

Here are my tips for an enjoyable and meaningful Bible-Reading:

Start with a Prayer
Start your day with a prayer and end it praying more. Praying lets us communicate with God and get real to Him. It lets us open our hearts and enjoy His presence. Before opening your Bible, pray for guidance, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and lead you.

Chew on it
Sometimes we say, "I need to chew on that" meaning we'll need to think about it for some time. When we meditate on His Word, we don't just read it. We think about it, reflect on it and we think of ways to apply it in our lives. Chewing lets us taste our food better as it brings out the flavor of what we're eating. Same goes to Bible-Reading, the more we chew on every chunks, the more meaningful it gets.

No Rush
Although we'd like to grow in wisdom and go deep in knowing our God, He's not rushing us. He wants us to go deep and benefit from His Word. Reading alone is different in meditating. Take a break! It doesn't need to be a chapter a day. If a verse goes straight to your heart, take time and chew on it. We can think more like God if we soak in and take our time discovering new things about Him.

Choose a Bible Plan
One way to discover the truth is to study the lives of different Bible characters. You may start reading from Genesis through Revelation or you may journey with God through history and start with the life of Jesus in the New Testament. Whatever it is that you find helpful in your Bible Reading, follow it. No rules. There are tons of plans to choose from, choose what's helping you understand the Bible more and what's helping you grow. No matter what, the Spirit will talk to your heart and lead you into new discoveries.

Make A Journal
This helps me a lot! I dedicate a notebook just for my devotion, written prayers and memory verses. Good thing my Certified Positive Planner has verse bank and daily verse tracker that keeps me right on track! I also created a schedule for each areas in my life to pray for. And, it's so nice to look back to your journals and track how much you've grown!

Make It Simple with Bible Tabs
Searching for books in the Bible takes time, right? Now there's a creative way to make it quick and easy, let me introduce to you the first in the Philippines, The Certified Positive's Bible Tab Stickers!

What does Mommy Grace liked about it?
- It's self-adhesive and super easy to install. Plus it has "Practice" stickers to help you on your first time.

- It includes a "This Bible Belongs To" sticker
- It's long lasting because it's laminated
- It's printed on both sides so you won't lose sight of where you're currently reading
- It has Bible Placement Guide – instruction and guide to easily tab your stickers in
your Bible
-  They have 12 wonderful designs to match your personality!
• Plains: Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Solid Blue, Solid Purple and Rainbow

• Patterns: (Separate New Testament and Old Testament): Floral, Hearts, Back to
School, Wood and Steel

floral design

wood design

heart design

back-to-school design

steel design

• Tagalog: White and Black

-   And...
They are having a 20% ONLINE sale until July 31, 2017. Go to their website now!

Now, the giveaway!
Since Graceful Musings just celebrated its first year and I super love these Bible Tab Stickers, we will be giving away 3 SETS OF BTS!!!

All you have to do is:

- Like and Follow Graceful Musings on Facebook and Instagram

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- Lastly, post a photo on Instagram showing how you are seeking God first in your daily life and caption it with how these Bible Tab Stickers could help you in your Bible-reading journey and tell me what design you'd love to have for your Bible!
- I'll choose the best 3 entries, please make sure to set your post in public so I can see it and use the hashtag #GracefulMusingsxCertifiedPositive and tagged @gracefulmusingsblog and @certifiedpositive

I will announce the winner on July 27 July 31!

More information about Certified Positive BTS:
-  Prices
• New Testament patterns - Php 54 (from P69.75)
• Old Testament patterns - Php 64 (from P79.75)
• Small Bible tabs - Php 104 (from P129.75)
• Tagalog Bible tabs - Php 112 (from P139.75)

This is a collaboration with Certified Positive. All opinions are mine



  1. Very helpful and encouraging tips, compels me to read my Bible somethin' didn't do for the longest time. All the best Grace! Many thanks