10 Secrets of Successful People

We all know someone who's successful. We probably ask ourselves if they're just lucky, perhaps more intelligent than us, or they may be just born with a silver spoon. But success isn’t limited to things like IQ levels or even the size of bank account. The following are 10 traits that productive and successful people share to help them get ahead:

Don't be afraid of being a book nerd.
Most of us think book nerds are losers, but billionaires like Mark Cuban and Bill Gates read at least an hour every day.

Get enough sleep.
Experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep, but there are some factors that affect a good night’s rest. One is our mattress. Shop for the right mattress, especially if you wake up in the middle of the night and you have back pain in the morning.

Wake up early.
It’s not just about getting enough sleep, but also making it a habit to wake up early. Some effective ways include not hitting the snooze button and not using devices that emit blue light as these can actually affect our circadian rhythm.

Pros and wannabes have one big difference: the former work even when they don't feel like it. We all go through a time when we can’t get our butt off the couch, but here's a trick: force yourself to work for only 15 minutes. See what happens next.

Minimize distractions.
Social media can easily distract you. You don't have to completely avoid your social accounts, but one technique is to check everything just twice a day. From social media to emails, batch-check everything after you have completed an important task and another time before you end your workday.

Talk to yourself.
Research showed that talking to yourself as if you're talking to another person can help deal with stress.

Write about your feelings.
You can write your experiences and emotions in a journal. Leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte and Marcus Aurelius recorded their thoughts to help them cope with stressful events.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditating, such as doing yoga. Oprah Winfrey meditates daily to help improve memory, compassion, and even boost immunity.

Enjoy but don't be satisfied.
You can strive to work hard for the next big thing, but don't forget to appreciate what you have. Don't grumble and toil; just relax and enjoy your life while trying to reach your potential.

Keep things up. Have a goal
– as much as possible a daily goal and write these goals in your to-do list. In two weeks, you will see you have made a long chain of progress that will keep you motivated to maintain the chain.

You don't have to apply all the habits above at once. Start with the easiest one until it becomes a part of your routine. Practice another after you’ve successfully incorporated the easiest one for you.

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