Take Action and Believe in your Dreams

I haven't updated my blog since January. The reason being is that I don't know what topic to post, what story to share and how to come up with a good content.

Graceful Musings turned one last June 11. It was a big milestone for my blogging life but it was a really silent event. No "care to congratulate me?" post, no usual "I am grateful for this life" declaration. I am really having a low moment in my life. 

But I know this is what I want to do. I want to write and I want to make a living out of it. I even thought of giving up on this, but see I'm still coming back! 

I want to share nuggets of motivation to keep going, these are quotes I have been soaking myself on:

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

This blog started out of boredom. It was when I am pregnant with baby number 2. But you see, I've bought my own domain and dreamt that this could be more than just a hobby. I compiled photos, started creating a media kit, collaborated with different brands, and make my personal vision statement. I attended classes online to help me fire up this passion inside of me. I know I have a very long way to go, but I am not giving up on my dreams.

No matter what it is that's making you happy, go for it. Whether it's baking or scrapbooking, writing or crocheting, it's never too late to start nor is it too early to learn.

Done is Better Than Perfect
If you've been in my blog, you'll probably say "what this girl is proclaiming does not reflect on her works", or "this girl's skills are not so special". 
It is true. My posts are not aligned to where I am seeing Graceful Musings because I am just starting to realize what value/s I want my blog to share. I know I am not a pro in here and I still have a lot to learn but seeing how my blog has improved makes me believe "I matter".

But what if I didn't even start blogging? Will I come at this point? Will I try to motivate mommies that dreaming should not stop after we became moms? Will I be exposed to different opportunities? And, will I meet amazing people of the same interests as mine? The answer would be no.

So I am happy with what I have started. It is not perfect, maybe not beautiful for you, but hey, I am learning and I know I am getting better!
If you have started a project but has become so busy that you've almost forget about it, go back to that and devote to finish it. No rush. Give it a 15-30 minutes a day. It doesn't matter how slow you'll work on it, what really matters is that YOU FINISH IT! 

Don't Listen To What They're Saying, Go See for Yourself! 

Failed in one of your projects? That is perfectly fine. Do not be demotivated by other people saying "You're a failure, stop trying because you can't make it".

Always find ways to improve, if you need to recreate yourself, then do it. Always inspire yourself to take action and believe in your dreams.

How about you, is there something that you really love doing but has not started yet? May I know what keeps you from starting?

Mommy Grace