It's my birthday month and it's just 4 days until I turn 25! I want my silver year to be better, purposeful and well organized. I want to learn how to be more grateful, passionate and I want to develop a positive vibes, para happy lang lagi, di ba?

I want to do a lot of things, I want to pursue my dreams and I want to focus on building healthy, happy relationships and be a better woman. I acknowledge that my lack of consistency and the way I am shaken by problems take me away from my goals. That's why I need constant reminders to keep me on track. I need help and inspiration. 

Thank you Kitty Kate! :)

And so during the Christmas season, I've thought of a wishlist that can help me in planning and executing my plans to achieve certain goals. I requested for a CERTIFIED POSITIVE PLANNER! 

I am so much grateful that my monita took extra effort to find it. I wasn't expecting to receive it because I was advised before the gift-giving that she can't find my wishlist and even asked for a 2nd option. I then asked for sketch pads for my calligraphy exercises. So I was really surprised and so much happy when I opened my gift! 


I am choosing between Certified Positive, Belle De Jour and Passion Planner. These 3 never fail to amaze me every time the year is ending and planners are all over. But I opt for a Certified Positive Planner because I realized, in order for me to achieve my goals and make 2017 a better year,  I must 
"not only believe that God can, but believe more that God will".  I want to start improving and focusing on my spiritual life.

The way this planner is created will surely help me (and you, too!) focused on seeing God in the dailiness of life and in growing in His wisdom.

So what's inside this beautiful planner?

Certified Positive Planner is a life-changing planner as they claim it, and I believe them! Take a look:

The Welcome Page + Owner's Information

The "Congratulations" banner appeals so much because I've been planning to use a Certified Planner since 2014 but this is my first time, so really congratulations to me right? :)

They will also invite you to join their community and be a member. Each planner comes with a Membership No. that you'll need to register on their website.

Once you are a member, you can:
  • Get exclusive access to discounts and events privileges
  • Share inspirational stories and prayer requests and
  • Connect with fellow believers in faith
Such a good way to start 2017, right? 

Since they have created a community of inspirational people, they are sharing amazing stories and testimonies! And this planner features different life-changing stories each month to keep you motivated.


This planner is very clear with it's mission. They will help you see that bright light in the dark, stay positive and they will help you grow in faith. 


Bible reading has been left at the bottom of our priority list because we are so much busy, right? I am guilty of this and I would like to try it again. Reading the Bible is sometimes boring specially if the story seems not applicable to you. The truth is, we are underrating the benefits that Bible reading can give us. I am glad that this planner has a tracker for my Bible-reading plan and tips to study the scripture in the most comfortable way.

It also has a verse bank:

This will not only help you store favorite verses but it will also help you remember those verses in times you need them. I don't know to you but when I am writing, I tend to remember things better. :)


"Cultivate a healthy relationship with the Lord daily by committing to set aside time to be together on His Word through the Bible and prayer."

On January 3, I commit to spending time with the Lord every morning just so I can start my day right. But you see I'm not a morning person, hahaha! My work begins at 3:30 PM, I'm at home around 2:30AM. So how will it be possible that I wake up 6AM to have a quiet time?

What I am doing is setting my alarm on that time, I'll wake up but not really getting up. I'll utter a prayer, grab my phone or the physical Bible to read a verse or two and ask God to take care of my day. That'll take around 5 minutes. I'll sleep again and wait for the kids to wake up and start the day! My real date time with the Lord is before bed time. I am telling God what happened, how I am feeling and what I want tomorrow to look like. I am spending time to read a devotional, then the Bible then write on my planner.

Whenever I am doing this, I feel confident knowing that everything's just fine for as long as I seek Him first in the midst of my busy, daily life. :)

I also like the page where you'll write a letter to God. No secrets, no shame, just pure honesty. Writing letters and prayers help me a lot! It releases emotions making my heart lighter plus, it's making me visualize things and helps me plan and organized.

SELF-EVALUATION PAGE according to the fruit of the Holy Spirit and LEVEL 10 GOALS

With this activity, I was able to see how I am doing and what needs improvement. Then, it'll ask you of action plans you'll take to become better in the way you act, speak and live your life. This is better than New Year's resolution!


Prayer allows us to communicate to the Lord and it gives us a more intimate relationship with Him. Praying for others create a compassionate hearts within us and it introduces God's character. I personally assigned a day for a specific category for praying:

MONDAY is for my family and friends,
TUESDAY for mentors and leaders,
WEDNESDAY is for the state of our government and for the authority
THURSDAY is for those who are experiencing pain in all aspects of life
FRIDAY is for my non material prayer requests
SATURDAY is finances and material prayer requests
SUNDAY is for my and my family's spiritual growth

After praying, the next thing I'm doing is listing down my "Thank You logs".
Last year, I started a blog-series in Grace&Beyond entitled "Sunday Highlights" dedicated for the things that I am thankful for every week.


I told you I have a poor planning skills so I need constant reminders to keep me on track. And this is what my Certified Positive Planner is of a great help! Look:

Writing down my goals and my To-Do lists help me picture out what I need to do in a specific day. That's why I am looking for an ultimate planner that will not only teach me to be responsible and how to manage time wisely, I just found a buddy that will help me plan my life in the best way possible!





They have included stickers with inspirational/Biblical messages and cards for special occasions. Colorful, right?


I am really grateful for the people behind this planner. They have made growing in Christ better and easier! I am so excited on how 2017 will be different with the help of this new devotions-buddy!

The 2017 Certified Positive Planner is for Php589.00 only and is available on their online store and leading bookstores nationwide:

Grab yours now and let us create a #CERTIFIEDPOSITIVE2017!



  1. I like your planner, Mommy G! Too bad I am not really good at updating planners but I have a devotion notebook, a mini- planner (a very very thin one, hehe),and a prayer journal. You're right, we need more alone time. It's our quiet time with God. Let's believe that 2017 would be a better year for us! Just keep going! :) ❤, Meg

    1. Mommy Meg, let's be prayer partners, let's do sharing and praying kahit online lang :)

  2. I've never tried this planner before since I always go for the SB planner or something mommy-ish like Mommy Mundo's. Maybe next year?

    1. I'm not into coffe-stores planners kasi, e. Hehe. I'd like mommy-ish planners, too but this one's all-in-one na kasi. :) You should try it, too Mommy! It'll help us all, spiritually-speaking

  3. I like this Certified Positive planner. I should add that daily expense tracker on my planner. Next year, I'll get this one nga.

  4. That's a great planner. I also want to read more of the Bible this year. This is a great tool for that. I decided to read the Love Language devotional and I write down each day's verse on my SB planner.

  5. This, I think, is the best planner because I told myself I would be a better Christian, be a better person , love myself more as I love our Lord so I can give my 100 percent love to the people around me. This will remind me of that every single day. Thank you for sharing this! God bless:)

  6. Wow this is amazing! I tried using a planner once but it just didn't work out for me. I now take down notes na lang on my phone. hehe. I love the idea of having that daily verse tracker. Happy birthday btw! ;)

  7. I tend to just input everything in my phone these days...

  8. I love that it has daily verse tracker and month-end reflections. I have a Starbucks planner naman and I am trying to use it in BuJo or bullet journal.

  9. Nice choice of planner. I love the Prayer Requests section and the Bible verses.

  10. I've tried Certified Planner a couple of times. But this year, the only one I got is the one from Mommy Mundo and I'm using it right now. :) The truth, though is that desk calendars work better for me, heheh.

  11. I've never tried a Certified Positive planner before. Since I discovered travelers notebooks 2 years ago they have become my go-to planner/wallet combo. I hope this one helps you achieve all your goals for the year. Looks like it has a lot in it!

  12. This is a beautiful planner! I don't buy expensive planners but this one is very much worth it. When I was working in a corporate world, on night shifts, I too find it hard to do my devotion every morning. But I praise Him because I can do it now while the kids are still sleeping and I'm enjoying my time with God.

  13. I have a friend who use the same planner every year. It seems to be very nice though im not really a planner person hehehe :)

  14. Looks like a real promising planner. I might look for the same as well. Ive got many plans this year and I want to fulfill them. Having this planner will surely give me a big boost.

  15. It's a really nice planner! I've used Certified Positive for 2 years, 2014 and 2015 until I switched to ring planners for more room for personalisation. I miss how easy it was to do devotionals with CP though!

  16. Happy 25th birthday! I also write my goals to help me stay focus in achieving them. I am sure 2017 is going to be a good year for us. Cheers!

  17. Happy birthday! To achieve our goals, I agree that we should stay focus. I wish you good health and more goals to achieved this 2017 :)

  18. First time I've heard of this planner. Looks great! Though I think having 2 planners now is more than enough for me. LOL! I'll keep this in mind and will try to check it out for next year.

  19. I'm not sure if I'm different or just lazy.I don't use planners this days. I just use my phone to remind me if their is special occasion or event.

  20. Belated happy birthday! I hope you achieve all your goals this 2017 with the help of your Certified Positive planner. I bought my planner last December, but I didn't see this. Sigh!

  21. How come I didn't take a second look at this? Sayang. Its really a nice planner. I just rely on Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but this one will be on my list next year :)

  22. This is such a nice inspirational planner! It's so proactive in getting your spiritual life moving. :) I'm not good with planners though. I don't update regularly and will eventually abandon it way before the year is over.

  23. In na in talaga ang planners these days, and they are getting more and more beautiful, creative and useful. I'm happy to see more moms being active into journaling. As I see it, nakakarelieve ng stress and helps achieve more goals.

  24. I've decided not to buy any planners this year but Oh this planner is so great. Love it. I want one. I'll ask my mom if they could look for one. :)

  25. What a really nice planner. It would definitely inspire you to keep a positive life and improve on your spiritual life.

  26. Certified Positive's planner was one of my planner choices last year. Oorder na sana ako online kaso na-introduce ako sa bullet journaling and I got hooked. Pero super ganda ng planners ng CP. My bff had one 2 years ago I think and I've seen some of its pages. I love how it makes you stick to your daily devotional reading. :)