Guilt-free way of Eating Candies

I am guilty of giving my kids preserved and/or instant foods. As a working mom, it is not only my time that's hard to manage but also our whole family's feeding system.

I cooked one meal for the whole day. Yielding good for our Brunch, my packed lunch and their dinner. Since we don't have refrigerator at home, it's hard to buy in big batches because they might spoil immediately.

So I always have stocks of biscuits, breads and yes candies and/or chocolates for their meriendas.

Admit it or not, the foods that we buy are most of the time preserved and have chemicals that might be unhealthy. And honestly, I don't always have time to do weekly meal planning and cooking.

Now that the "Trick or Treat" season is in the air, kids would have the pleasure of eating candies all they want!

So for this season, Rebisco is giving us a sweet treat that would remove the guilt of eating too much candies.

Me and my kids just discovered Vita Cubes! A super yummy jelly that's packed with vitamins and minerals - truly a guilt-free way of eating our candies!

Kuya Lance enjoyed the taste and even enjoyed being at Vita Cubes Fun Day 2 @ Active Fun last October 22.

The event has lot to offer : From parlor games for the kids and for the moms, too!

We also had a cake decorating moment where Kuya Lance sprinkled candies on top of it and bring it home to dad and his lil brother. Sweet!

Of course, Mommy joined the fun as well! Hahahaha

Mommies contest for the longest voice saying "Vita Cuuuuuuuuubes..."

Afterwards, we listened to Mommy Frances of Topaz Horizon as she shares her stories about how her kids convinced her to buy them Vita Cubes.
With her was the marketing person behind this event, sharing nutritional facts of Vita Cubes.

Will Mommy Grace let Kuya Lance eat Vita Cubes? Definitely! I'll even give our bunso :)
Because it's a healthy way of enjoying sweets!

Merienda Time!

At this point, Kuya Lance was not feeling well and he wasn't able to finish his food. He rested as a magic show entertains us.

When he's feeling better, we went to the flipbook booth where me and the lil man strike poses. It was indeed a fun experience!

Kuya Lance didn't get a chance to play at Active Fun because he's really feeling tired and not feeling well.

But we went home with all these goodies!

Thank you, Rebisco for this wonderful event!

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