Update as of 10/14/2016

We have lost internet connection for two weeks so I have a few posts that weren't posted as scheduled. I'm also using a different phone now so I am learning the curves of it. It was a downgrade productivity and software wise but an upgrade camera and brand wise. I am now using my brother's old Samsung S3 - I'll dedicate a different post about this one 'cos I've lot of things to tell you. Hahaha!
Anyway, my mind won't give me those final touches on the drafts I've created over the week, but I want to share how this week's stressing me out!
1. Townhouse update: I am supposed to open a checking account at Eastwest Bank. I chose them because they have a basic checking account, non interest bearing, cheap and has no maintaining balance. But sadly, they're requiring an existing savings account with them and I don't have one! Now I don't know where to go. I have dedicated budget for this and after checking and inquiring to different banks, I need to adjust my funds again! Why is it hard to open a checking account here in the Philippines?
2. My kids have cough and since I have so many errands - townhouse related, I can't schedule their check ups. Hoping we can visit their pedias over the weekend.
3. I want to start a business online, I want Arts and Crafts related but I haven't attended my calligraphy workshop yet and... I don't think this desire's feasible until we've paid all our debts. *sighs*
4. My bebe Yobbie's big day is a month away and although I've had plans, I haven't started anything yet, not even layout for the backdrop. (Yes it'll be a house party) and I still have high hopes that we can celebrate it in Laguna na. Pero if not, it's okay. But we want it to be simple, happy and memorable. Hubby wants a Minion-themed party.
5. My quiet time's down again. It's so hard to get up from bed earlier than the kids, so I am thinking to do it nighttime na lang once the kids are already sleeping.
So many errands, too much ideas - but life is still sweet as it showers lil blessings to keep us moving.
I am still very much grateful. It's Friday!
How's your week ending mi loves?
I'll rest now and I'd like to leave you with this: