Tupperware Brands Product Review : Baby Care Plus

After my family had a skin infection that made us all ill for a month and almost taken my sanity away, I've become extra careful with the products we're using especially for my kids. 

Safety is vital for kids. That's why everyone needs a gate for your baby. To protect them from any harm and to make sure they are always safe.

As for what we have experienced, not only do they need a gate to protect them from any accidents, I make sure they are also clean and fresh!

To know more about gates for babies, check this site.

There are a lot of brands that are existing, but I'm sure each of us have named our favorites. As for me, there is one name that has became part of my childhood and my mom has trusted, too. It has been continuously providing quality products for the Filipino families - TUPPERWARE BRANDS.

If you're a Batang 90's baby (or older), I know what you're thinking but no I am not (only) referring to those plastic wares our moms are using (noon hanggang ngayon).

Tupperware brands have changed our lives for 50 years now and their line of products expanded too so they can serve us better.

Me and my kids are very much grateful to received free samples of Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus and Moms Plus products from them, so I am sharing to you how the Tupperware legacy continues to amaze us!

This review will have 3 parts to feature each sets in different blog posts.

When the package arrived, me and hubby were excited! We have been using Baby Care Plus before that's why these won't be new to us.

I've let Kuya Lance choose which one he'd like to use first. And I guess, out of familiarity, he chose the Baby Care Plus Set.

Baby Care Plus Shampoo and Bath:
Shampoo + Cetiol Conditioners conditions hair and scalp and prevents dryness while leaving it soft and smooth.

Bath + Lamesoft Skin Protector forms a natural barrier that protects baby's skin. It gently cleanses and conditions sensitive skin leaving it soft and smooth. Can also be an alternative to shampoo.

Baby Care Plus Lotion:
Light lotion with 24Hr locked in moisturizers leaving baby's skin velvety smooth all day.

Baby Care Plus Powder :
Works best for sensitive skin-types. It's ultra fine powder contains Allantoin that works as anti-irritant and decreases the risk of inhalation.

Baby Care Plus Cologne:
It's a gentle cologne that contains low alcohol and moisturizers that helps prevent dryness.

What I love about the Baby Care Plus products is their powdery scent. It's so mild and my babies smell fresh even after playing!

Plus, bathing time no longer seem as if Mommy is a kontrabida, Kuya Lance now initiates to take a bath!

They are all hypoallergenic and have mild pH-balanced formula, Mommy Grace recommend these products to moms who have babies/kids with sensitive skin types.

Baby Care Plus comes with different variants, the classic (blue and white) is the one we received, they also have Baby Care Plus+Milk (white), Baby Care Plus Calming (Violet), Baby Care Plus Floral (Blue) and Baby Care Plus Natural with Aloe Vera (green). Other products include bath soap and baby cream.

To know more about Tupperware Brands' other products, visit: http://www.tupperwarebrands.ph/products