Wedding Anniversary Special : Change the Way you see Friendship

A true friend is hard to find. I knew it because I've been rejected for so many times. People come and go and sadly sometimes the least people you'd ever want leaving turns out to be one of your friends.

But there is also a friendship that has gone through so many tests and had passed, a friendship that has seen you through your worst and your most crazy and has managed to stay with you and help you up.

Let me tell you a story about a friendship that has been judged, two friends that almost gave up and have wanted to walk away from each other but chose to #staytogether and help each other face the ups and downs of life.

We met in a youth camp where we both volunteered as counselors and found out that we were on the same university. I am on a very low moment in my life during that time, I just had a break up so I am keeping myself busy so I can forget the pain. Having the same passion of bringing the youth closer to God, I became friends to their group. And there he was, sitting silently, playing with his cards and just listening. That boy who always wear a cup and seldom smiles.

This was at Zambales Youth Camp where we look crazily-creepy :D

I don't know how but we find comfort talking with each other. We enjoyed sharing opinions and life experiences.

During college, he has been there for me during those hard times offering me smiles, tap on my back and steamed corn to brighten up my day! I remembered, during our soccer game, he passed by and gave me a good luck tap on the shoulder and a "kaya mo yan"smile knowing that I don't like sports and I didn't attend most of my PE classes.

Funny thing I remembered, my baon was spent to all my projects and textbooks and I no longer have money to pay for my fare home, he gave me a Php20.00 bill which I refused at first because I am shy. He insisted and even come with me until I was able to ride a jeepney.

Why I love being his friend?

1. He has accepted me as a whole package, including my weakness and imperfections, Even those scars on my legs and those dark underarms that I've been hiding for so long, because I am afraid that he, too would reject me because of that ugliness in me. But he didn't. He stayed.

2. He has seen me through my weakest and my most crazy, been there during all my success and has inspired me to keep going even after failing.

3. He believes I can even after saying "I can't".

4. He is the sweetest and most thoughtful! He always say I am beautiful. Awww *kilig*

5. He is always saying "all is well" and he will be there for me no matter what.

6. He is my gala and food-buddy. We enjoy life to every bits. We don't mind other people's opinion as long as we are happy.

7. We are helping each other grow. You know, I have met him during those times that I am still looking for answers about my purpose and he has been patient and kind to lead me closer to Him.

8. I am so happy to be inlove with my best friend!

That friendship blooms into an extraordinary love. A friendship that makes me believe "may forever".

Fast forward to that time when he fetched me after work. I was surprised and I even laughed at him because he is wearing a long sleeves with matching black shoes! "Anong meron?" I asked

Then we went to BGC, we walked around but it rained! I still had no idea about what's he's planning, silly me!

There in the middle of the street, raining, he knelt and open a small box "Will you be my girlfriend?"

* * *

But life's not always happiness and sunshine. It is a mixture of seasons. And I am just grateful that we stand by each other's side no matter what.

Potholes and Trials

1. Our friendship has gone through so many tests and the hardest one is REJECTION. When everyone's on the other side and won't believe in us.

2. One of the greatest pothole we've had was his mom's death. It dramatically change the state of our relationship. It took away his patience and his dreams of finishing college. But like what he did before, I stayed with him and mourned with him until he was able to get over it.

3. Now comes the best test that we've gone through. Our friendship has been deep and intimate and our love has bore fruit. We thank God for those wonderful gifts!

4. Empty pocket. One of the most memorable thing we have experienced as couple was eating "Bangus", a fish cracker that costs a peso over our regular supply of NFA rice. That experience has taught us so many things and had given us a different level of faith.

5. Hopelessness. We have faced a life full of problems that sometimes we just wanna walk away. We've had a lot of disagreements that we almost gave up. Thankfully, our bond has gotten stronger with all these trials. :)

My usual friends know the outer side of my life. But he knows deeper, he knows me well. And he's a friend I can run to anytime. He's the shoulder I could cry on and he's my forever best friend! We may have differences, but those have become complements in this relationship.

This is a friendship na may forever! :D

He has changed the way I look at friendships in a way that I could genuinely love others and accept that change could be painful but is beautiful.

How to keep the strongest friendship?

1. Embrace each other's differences and believe in each other.

2. Encourage each other. Be a bridge to each other's growth and success. And always be honest.

3. Enjoy life and collect memories!
We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary + 6 years of friendship last August 30. That was supposed to be a special night with fancy food, but we celebrated it over smiles and laughter and a big hug that couldn't be sweeter than anything!

I do love taking pictures and collecting memories (and oh, sharing!), he don't. But he loves cameras that can produce clear and beautiful pictures. He's not into selfies but he loves capturing his sons' smiles and milestones. 

And I am pretty sure that he'd love Huawei P9! With it, we can create more memories without a blur! It has double-lense camera powered by Leica that is capable of creating light painting, colored, monochrome and more! Reinvent mobile photography with Huawei P9 and make stronger friendships...

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  1. Definitely, the best partner in life is your best friend as well. I can relate. :) It's amazing to see how your friendship blooms. I wish all the best on your relationship and I hope that love will always prevail.

  2. Great story! I'm so happy you survived it all and stayed together. It sounds like you're a great couple. It's so important to have someone share everything with. That's amazing. And so good of you to write about all the things you love, but also about the difficult times!

  3. What a truly heartwarming post. I definitely believe the strongest partnerships are based on friendship. Longevity of any relationship stems from a desire to rely enjoy each other's company and you seem to have that nailed. Here's to many more years!

  4. Love your love story. Oftentimes, they say bestfriends are the sweetest lovers as they were able to accept each other first without the romantic thingie. And then it just blossomed into something romantic not because of being used to be together but because your heart says so. I wish you more years of twogetherness. And yes, true love accepta everything, even the dark kili kili :)

  5. It is really nice if your partner is also your bestfriend. Like you, I met my husband when I was in college. My husband is my friend before we became couple. Happy anniversary to both of you!

  6. I think friendship is a great foundation for a romantic relationship. As I said in my wedding vows, "We have a love that will carry us through even when romance is gone, or when the difficult side of life takes over." And that's all because of our friendship. :)

  7. I admire your relationship as you started on a good level of friendship. It looks like you're both born for each other. :)

  8. May forever nga! Hehehe. I love reading other people's love story. It makes me believe that love is really sweet but is not easy. I wish you all the best and more love between you two. <3

  9. At first, while reading your first part of the story, I was already asking myself if this is a teen love story. While reading the second part, I said, Oh this girl is in love with this guy. Then he kneels down on the streets while raining and asks you if you could be his gf. That was pretty sweet actually. Then I checked your profile and oh you're a mom already and you're married :)

    I was actually moved with all the struggles you've been through and yet surpassed it because of your strong friendship and commitment to each other. I hope the best for you guys.

  10. Love stories are one of my favorites to read 😊 I met my husband too early when I was just 14 years old. I love what you've said "Encourage one another" we should be our partner's number 1 fan talaga :)

  11. Being in a relationship is a roller coaster ride, it's not all happiness. But if you believe and work on it everything will turn out good

  12. Such a sweet love story! It's indeed a nice feeling that your partner is also your bestfriend ;)

  13. What a great story of friendship. It's really something beautiful when you can be real to a person and not be ashamed of your flaws. You are blessed to have a bestfriend in your hubby.

  14. This is sweet... I wish you all the best and may God continue to pour in blessings of love and happiness forever! :)

  15. Awww this is so sweet! I love it when a story of love is also a story of friendship. Cheers to husbands who are also our best friends!

  16. Not many people have the luck to marry their best friend. Your story is so cute and it's wonderful that you have stood by each other in good times but in bad times also.

  17. Aw, this is soo sweet. Friendship is really a foundation of every relationship. May it be romantic or not. God bless you and your partner.

  18. I think it is so wonderful that you were able to find the love of your life in your best friend. Not a lot of people are able to be so lucky. May you always stick together in times of trials and triumphs.

  19. I agree, friendship is the best foundation of a lasting partnership. You have to be friends with your significant other because the kilig will eventually fade, if you can't stand being with your partner after it fades will mean trouble in your future. I wish you many years of love and friendship!

  20. Ang cute ng love story nyo :) Being friends with your partner will surely be a way to keep the communication lines open, thus making your relationship stronger. Stay in love!

  21. What a lovely love story. I agree that it's truly best to end up with your best friend. Happy anniversary and many many more to come! Looking forward to reading more of your love story. :)

  22. Merong forever! Very nice to read love stories like this, nothing is more special kasi talaga than marrying your bestfriend :)

  23. I was just talking to someone about how as a wife, your BFF should now be your husband, but I understand where you're coming from because my husband was also my confidante, listener, my duo partner, and my billiards buddy before we went into a romantic relationship, then got married. ;)

  24. I truly believe that the best relationships are the ones that spring from friendships :)

  25. You are lucky to find your soul mate. Masarap ang may partner / bestfriend kasi he is the one person who completely knows you. It will take time pero sigurado.

  26. Ang sweet sweet naman! Namimigay pa ng pamasahe hehe.. I hope thatyour relationship will go stronger!

  27. Very nice to read your story. Oour spouse is our best friend and grows stronger as we mature. It is also very important to put God at the center our true foundation. Itis also great to have a phone that will allow you to capture priceless moments.

  28. "Lucky I'm inlove with my brestfriend" naks! So true, embracing each other's differences is one key to have strong relationships.

  29. What a lovely story! My husband is also my frenemy (friend and enemy), mentor and partner in life.

    Looks like Huawei 9 is a good unit. Will check this one out soon. Thanks for sharing!