Ely Buendia & Jay Ortega's duo + Music Video Launch of "Is It Hip?"

My teenage life wouldn't be fun without those OPM hits that touched the souls of the "Batang 90's".

Great bands were formed to give color to Filipino music. While some didn't make it to millenium, their songs are always reminder of their legendary fame. One of which is Eraserheads. And I am a real fan!

So when I heard that Ely Buendia's forming a new group with Jay Ortega, I got really excited (although a part of my heart is still hoping for E-heads reunion,haha)! I signed up without hesitations and even asked my husband to sign up too (anyway he's also a blogger).

Too much excited, we arrived at Victoria Court Malate at 4:30 and the registration booth has not finished yet,  so we decided to walk around and found a convenience store where me and hubby had a light snack.

We came back at 5:00 PM and we were allowed to come in since we were from Tag Media (thank you!).

The night started with a press con at Bat Cave room where bloggers and the media people throw in their questions to the new super-group.

Why Apartel? Why a sudden shift? Why so many members? Are we gonna see you doing gigs/concerts? Why Victoria Court? How is this group different? What are your favorite songs in the album? and so on...
These are most the questions of the people/bloggers.

They were cool! And the shift of these rock stars to soul music is really amazing and would definitely be a 'hip'.

After all, soul music has played a role in Ely's and Jay's childhood.

“Soul was a big part of my childhood, especially in the 70s. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, even Manila Sound; the original OPM genre was actually very much soul-influenced.” Ely

After the press con + one-on-one interviews, the band serenaded us with their beautiful music. Together with Mean Jay, they turned Victoria Court into a concert hub where people dance and groove to their music!

I'd like to say I'll still go with light rock, pinoy alternatives and the like but soul music is definitely calming and it's the new hype! After all, change is beautiful.

And mi loves, I've actually enjoyed soul music! Apartel's really a sweet treat!

It was really nice to have witnessed the grand launch of their 'millenial' music video, "Is it hip?" from their debut album "Check in, Trip Out. It was co-directed by Marie Jamora and would be release digitally. Because who else uses DVD players nowadays (is it just me? Hahaha)?

"Nobody really buys CDs anymore. A purist or even just a real fan, you’d wanna keep something as a memento. Rather than keep this small ass CD where you can hardly read the fine print on, why not a big vinyl record? It’s collectable, and if you ever get a chance to get a sound system together, it really is different." Jay

 Apartel was a way to form a supergroup of sorts, to get the people who would best be able to reach that passionate sound.

Band Members (with Ms. Tanya & Aki)
Ely Buendia - Vocals/Bass 
Jay Ortega - Vocals
Coco Coo - Guitarist
RJ Pineda - Pianist
Pat Sarabia - Drummer
Redge Concepcion - Guitarist

*my hubby got a crush on Pat! :) she's amazing!

Some pictures on the event:
(Sorry I don't have a camera and my smartphone's kinda low end, but I'm still proud with these :) )

Registration booth

Earlier, during set up
Mini bar
Cozy smoking areas

That illuminating stage!
Ely in action/ Ely & Jay

With my co-blogger Dane

Thank you for the nice experience! And I hope I'd share a lil treat to you with this blog. :)

Mr. & Mrs. S with the legendary icon Ely :)