Experiences: Change the way you see happiness

They say happiness is a choice. I bet it is. I never thought that I can find happiness with little things. I have learned to appreciate the simple joys of life and its bittersweet treats.

Life is short, why not make it memorable?

Tonight, as I am writing this post, I set aside all the negative thoughts and all problems. I stop worrying and look back.

Here are the factors of my Happiness:

1. Fun Moments together.

I look at those memories we had. Those laughter, cuddles and big hugs! Those sparkling eyes enjoying the moments together. Oh, life has been unfairly sweet!

2. Faith.

That mustard seed size of faith that lets us see possibilities beyond life's hopeless moments. Happiness beyond what eyes can see!

3. Food!

The simplicity of life at its finest. Like finding grains of happiness in what's in front of us. My husband and I's small chats, us-times and our love-linker,FOOD! Who doesn't want to eat by the way? That's why it's okay to be fat but HAPPY! :)

4. Family and Friends.

All the things I've learned and will continue learning. All places we've explored though not so far from home.

Those people that come and go.
The friendships that helped us keep our sanity in tact! Hahahaha!
The never ending love & support from our families. 

5. unForgettable Moments.

 And oh, how can I forget those life that have grown inside me? Those tiny tickling kicks inside my womb and that "you-take-my-breath-away" experience when I first held my angels!

And of course, that "Baby Dress to Wedding Dress" story of ours. :)

6. Freebies and Life's sweetest giveaways!

Though the pictures produced by my smartphone were a bit grainy, they still bring joy in our hearts.

Photography has been one the factors that made me see happiness in a different, more simple manner. It is a constant reminder that simple joys are real happiness. We capture those moments and snap the tiny rays of sunshine out of them. 

I'm blogging but I don't have stunning photos to show off but blogging has been giving me a lot of things, it became a passion and a bridge to a lot of opportunities

I haven't got a chance to have a camera, I only experienced using a real camera back in high school. That was one of those vintage, point and shoot camera w/ film in it. My high school classmates even teased me for bringing it on our graduation. Why? Because digicams are already famous during that time.

I have always loved taking pictures, because who doesn't?

But I can't afford to have anything that produces beautiful,stunning photos.
I am grateful that smartphones have camera function nowadays. My smartphone, though cheap, has been my picture-and-blogging-buddy. I still find happiness in anything that it produces, but who doesn't want a better one?

Mobile Photography gives me a different level of hope. Since I can't afford expensive DSLRS and a laptop for my blogs and my online shop, it is now easier to have a multi-functional gadgets.

Until now, I am praying that God will give me what my heart is desiring. And I am grateful that He is teaching me to embrace every answers He has for my single prayers. May it be a Yes, a No or a Wait - I know that it'll be the best and it's worth the wait and sacrifice. ;)

One on my prayer list is the Huawei P9.

It is called "the pocket DSLR camera". 

I will be very honest that Nuffnang and Huawei's Blog contest had made my heart jump! I gaze upon this amazing camera/smartphone and was amazed (and thrilled) by what it can offer. 

It has double-lense camera, not to mention, powered by Leica. Who doesn't want that?

When I had my first photography workshop, I learned about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and a lot more.

Now this is what I'll call "Change the way you see Mobile Photography"! 
With Huawei P9, I can take photos like a pro without that big chunk in my bag. A very handy smartphone, the best picture-buddy! 

Leica lenses, high quality photos, monochrome, slo-mo, color, light painting and a lot more! Finally I wouldn't miss every moments, with a camera that's always ready. Perfect for a mom-on-the-go like me. :)