Change the way you see LOVE

What is LOVE?

It is a very common question with so many answers. But sometimes, we look at it as a mere emotion. Just a feeling that'll make us happy.

We have a misconception that love will always be a positive feeling that encourages, empowers and make us feel that "spark" of kilig.

When we feel pain, when we don't get what we want or what we expect, we say it isn't love.

Because love should always make us happy.

This was also my thinking about love before.

All I know is, if it satisfies me and gives me that "feels like heaven" feeling, it is love.

But if I fail or if someone hated me or corrected me for my wrongdoings, I regard it as hatred.

Now that I am a wife and a mom, my concept of love has changed.

From that "love is like a rosary full of mystery" definition of love, I have learned that love is a universal feeling, a mixture of bad and good things, a sacrifice, a journey.

When I marry that man who has loved and accepted me and all my insecurities, I thought love has completed its stage.

Now that our family is growing, I realized, love is just starting to blossom.

Love is not selfish, it does not think of itself alone but it considers the situation of others. Before, I just think of myself only. What makes me happy is what matters, now my decisions will greatly affect the lives of the people whose lives God has entrusted me to take care of and to love.

Love is patient. It does not measure by mistakes but embraces the weak.

Love helps me know my purpose and live it daily. Although I can't be perfect, I am learning from my experiences.

Just like with photos, we develop from the negative. But now that we are living in a modern world, we no longer wait for the negative, with mobile photography, we can have a retake right there and then and make it better.

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With Huawei P9, we can fall in love over and over again with all those "you take my breath away" moments!

Now, this is my little family, and they made me change the way I see love. *sweet*