Change The Way You See Adventure

I won't make this post dramatic and long, I'll go straight to how a little thing can change the way you see something you've always thought was extreme.

When I saw my kid's toys all scattered on the floor, I honestly felt irritated because it was so messy.

As I am tiding up, I saw how attached my kid was with his toy airplane. Then I remembered when I was a child, I've always dream of riding an airplane, see the clouds and the world beneath it!

That, until now, is a dream. I really envy my friends who are able to travel, ride a plane for God knows how many times already while I am stucked in this old city, looking for something that can satisfy my adventurous mind in the cheapest, possible way.

But as I pick up my kid's toys, I saw a different world of adventure!

It's no longer the picture of mountains to climb or seas to swim, riding a plane or ship that I usually imagined when I was a child,

I now see adventure as witnessing a life grew in me, fall in love with someone I haven't seen and facing the fear of a new beginning.

How and why does a child's perspective of adventure changed in an instant?

As life rolled its way to maturity, I came to realize that adventure shouldn't always be away from home, shouldn't have to be expensive to be extreme. We are the creator of our own adventure!

The only reason that I have embraced this stage of my life is because of love that has grown in my heart as I enter this world.

I may not be able to travel the world, I may not scare and challenge myself with things I always want to try, it is fine.

If it was a dream for me to ride a plane, that dream has already come true as I explore, learn and enjoy this new normal in my life, my greatest adventure -  MOTHERHOOD.

What would be more adventurous than being a parent and taking care of your little ones?

And what would be more wonderful than filling your memory box with great pictures to remember?

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