The beginning: Crooked

I am starting a project I call "baby dress to wedding dress". This aims to inspire moms and/or couples who had babies first before marriage or who had babies and has not been married yet.

Before I can encourage these people, I guess I ought to be sharing my own story to you, too.

I saw this idea from a friend in facebook. For some time now, I am figuring out how will I start sharing the beginning of our journey. So today, I am creating a series of blog that shares our beginning and the rough roads we've been through.

To God be all the glory!


Once upon a time, I should say. But our story was never a fairy tale nor a fantasy. It's not always a sunshine, but me and my partner shared the same umbrella as the rain poured (hard).

We've been together for three years before we met our firstborn. We were also a happy, crazy couples that share their new lives with Christ and were committed in growing spiritually.

But life has tested us beyond what we could've imagined. Series of potholes happened and we were trap by anxiety, depression, anger and stress.

His mom died, he stopped studying. 

I stopped studying because my parents didn't trust me.

I worked. I studied again but was not able to finish.

He can't work on a decent company. No one supports him - but me, yes me.
That was why the world was mad at him - for getting all my support. They concluded that I have spent all my money for him forgetting I was schooling.

He helped a friend with his computer shop business and earned a little, enough for their everyday food but was not enough to make a living.

The judgmental look of the people that we hoped would understand and helped us underestimated us even after we became parents.

During these times, when life is tough and we are wrecklessly trying to prove ourselves and making our mommas proud, we had no one but each other.

We understand each other and we've tolerated each other's emotional needs and deceitful feelings. 

We have fallen into a trap where we have forgotten what's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's bad, we only see things that make us happy.

We see through each other's eyes alone.
We tried to start living together. My parents didn't know at first but was able to found clues. We were saved by the lack of evidence.

We enjoyed each other while my parents anger grows wildly.

Yeah, we started in a crooked way.
And we forget what we have believed in.
We live an unwise beginning.