That BIG surprise

As suspicions continue to grow and conclusions were already voiced out, we prepared ourselves for what can happen.

I was 21 years old back then, my parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Everything seemed to be just normal. We celebrated their renewal of vows in the province. I got no clue that I was already pregnant. We partied hard and since I'm with my family and relatives, I joined the 'ladies' beer party. Yeah, for the first time in my life, I got drunk! I enjoyed the moment and get along. Not knowing that after that crazy-fun-filled-night, there's a bigger surprise awaiting for us.

After almost a month and after we've gone to our normal lives, a suspicion grew in me. I was 2 weeks delayed. This was very unusual because I have regular cycle of menstruation. I told Leo.
We were both nervous but we wanted to know if there's something awaiting to be revealed.

Before the pretty obvious revelation, let me share to you first that I've already received signs about my motherhood journey so I thought I was ready for the surprise!
I had dreamt of having babies, 3, all boys. I had that dream for three consecutive nights. At the back of my mind, I am picturing out a happy family. A new beginning. A new journey. Not anticipating the rough roads that we'll bump into. Not realizing that it wasn't just a dream or a joke.

On April 25 2012, we cried out of surprise and were shocked by a big news our hearts can't contain : after two pregnancy tests (yeah we had to do it twice 'cos I can't convinced myself that I actually saw 2 red lines!), you read it, WE ARE SOON TO BE PARENTS!

Our initial reactions? 

A flood of tears. And joke of aborting the child. I know it's not a good joke. But for the unprepared soon to be mommy and daddy, that came into our mind. Once.
After the dramatic night, he told me "kaya natin 'to. Pray lang tayo"
We were afraid, nervous and clueless. What will happen next?

How we've embraced this surprise was a definite meaning of true love.

Some might say that we can't do it or we shouldn't be ending up together because we're too different and we can't create a happy family because we failed the initial test : we failed to plan it, in a way that no one will get disappointed, in a way that we can say we're both prepared. Or simply, we didn't let God's plans work for us - we've decided by ourselves kasi.

Friends, if you are facing a world of disapproval or judgement, turn back to God. He knows what to do. He loves you. He knows where to lead you. And as I always say, He is a turnaround maker God, beauty from ashes it is.

"There's no sin too great
there's no pain to deep
the Cross declares it is done.
There's no shame too real
that His love won't heal
Forever the victory is won..."
(A song to calm your heart, whatever it's facing now)