Family's Day Out : The Struggle is R.E.A.L

Weekends are the most special for me. After a week of long hours working, this is the time that I get to spend with my darlings. I love how our lil family is excited with our weekly bonding whether in the warmth of home or outside the fun world.

Last Saturday, we had our biglaang family day out. I received a 500.00 Starbucks GC from my loving family at work, this was for my "winning entries" articles for our virtual office magazine. I'll share the articles in a different blog post.

This little sweet success deserves a celebration with my lovely partners - my family! They are my inspiration in blogging, in working and in everything I do.

We went to Market! Market! on a rainy Saturday night. We stroll the mall and eat dinner at Tokyo Tokyo.

Yobbie's really amazed! Hahaha

Before me and Daddy used to order just the Sumo Meal, now Kuya Lance have his own meal :)

We also let him eat by himself. We were amazed by his katakawan! He was able to finished his Don Buri Bowl alone! Yum,yum! :D

After eating, Daddy and Kuya Lance went to Timezone to play while me and bebe Yobbie went to Daizo to buy some baking stuff.

We let the boys play at Timezone, too.

As the night was ending, we headed at Starbucks, where the struggle became real.

I know Starbucks is not a family restaurant so people are not expecting kids and/or babies here. So when we get in, eyes were looking at us as if asking "Really? You're bringing babies here?"

But I don't mind.
No, I honestly mind them looking at us like that, I know Kuya Lance can be naughty and loud but everyone's welcome here, so what? Hehehe, peace! Good vibes pa rin :D
Thanks to the friendly staffs of SB!

I ordered our foods and beverages with Kuya Lance who's really highly energetic, so loud and wanted to grab everything he sees! Yes, it was nakakahiya, but kids are kids and I let my kid be kid wherever. I just told him to behave a little and keep quiet. But all the time he was shouting "onat!onat!" (Donut! Donut!). Silly little Lance!

Here's his Donuts!!! He was really excited to eat his donuts, he liked the chocolate one the best.

I told Daddy that we should take pictures, beautiful ones because our office is asking for pictures for an email blast about the virtual magazine and the treat I received for my "nice-article-as-they-call-it" (kilig! Hehe).

And here's our epic-fail-family-picture-shots:

We didn't ask any staff to take our pictures because they're busy attending to other customers. Hehe :)

Lance was getting very naughty, and yes I became a little impatient. Not directly to Lance but to people looking at us as if it was a big sin to let the kids at Starbucks!

We've just taken out the food that we were not able to eat. I wanted to go home na. Kids are also sleepy na rin kasi.

Daddy and I just looked at each other and smiled. He said while laughing, "the struggle is real talaga".

True! But the fun was also real and awesome! I had a very good night, actually a meaningful one.

We still got to enjoy our drinks inside the taxi with our relaxed babies :)

 1.  I am very thankful for the blessings that God is giving us unexpectedly. And I am very much thankful to have my family to enjoy those :)

 2. Family times like this, even how tiring, are the most precious gift a working mommy can have. This is making the most out of my limited time with my darlings.

 3. And oh yes, the struggle is real. And everytime, my kids are teaching me something that I can take with me as I continue my wonderful mommy venture.

Truly, these will be the times.
Times to embrace together with all the struggles, along with those funny-kilig-moments! :D

#TeamSuycano @ Starbucks
An amazing family day for us! :)