Time flies SO FAST

As I am having my 15 minute coffee break, I wanted to write something but my mind won't work.

So I just browse my phone and watch my kids' videos - playing, laughing and enjoying the moment together. Then I went to my picture gallery and saw hundreds of photos of these two cute angels, oh my!

My firstborn's turning to a little man so fast! He even knows how to take selfies!

This is how he takes selfie! Hahahahaha

Mirror-selfie with the boys! :D

I am being senti again and I am thinking how would life be if they're no longer babies? If they'll no longer kiss me or hug me? What if those cuddling moments are gone? What if I'll be facing not just teething and tantrums, but teenhood life, puberty and -- girlfriends?!

Paranoid mom, I know! But we really should enjoy these moments.

Enjoy those laughters, tickles, cuddles, hugs, kisses and yes enjoy even that messy house, sleepless nights, tantrums and highly energetic kids.

Since time flies really fast, you won't notice that they are no longer kids -- AND YOU'LL MISS THESE DAYS!



  1. Pare-parehas talaga tayo ng nararamdaman bilang mga nanay no? We're one in heart pagdating sa family natin. Haha.