How to be a grateful working mom

Because let's admit it, not all moms "just" stays at home, right?

After I gave birth to my first son, we have plans that I just stay at home to take care of him while hubby works. During that time, life was lighter, easier.

Until Yobbie came. Everything was doubled including stress, bills to pay and responsibilities. So that plan of me staying at home was left behind. We just can't lose my job - we have a mortgage to pay, 2 kids to feed, then we're renting and we don't have yaya!

My husband stopped working to stay at home and take care of the kids.

I'll be honest that aside from my  love for writing and sharing, I am blogging hoping that I can start and save for my future desire of becoming a full time mom. I am also enhancing my skills and continuously building my resume so if time comes that I'll be given a chance to work from home, I am ready, right? 

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Meanwhile, I am a proud working mom. But, as I always say, life isn't always sunshine. There will be rainy days and even storms that will shake you and push you to your limits.

So how do I keep myself right on track?

1.   I remember my reasons.

Whenever I am feeling down or stuck under pressure, guilt and jealousy, I look at my phone, browse my gallery and see those sweet smiles, lovely! Reasons are our building blocks. So if you feel like quitting, mom go back to where you have started! Stress is just temporary or won't even exist if you choose not to be soaked in it.

2.   I choose to live simple.

I have learned that living a (very) simple life leads us to a better, happier life. When we intentionally look at life in its simplest form, it fills us, it teaches us and we become just it is - SIMPLE.

Life is tough, we don't wanna stuck on that thought, right? Look forward to a rainbow after the rain and keep smiling - we'll get through this!

3.   Gratitude.

Instead of complaining, I have learned to accept that this my life, my purpose. I will always be grateful that life is not fair, because if it is, then I can become what I want and I can be easily happy. But the result? Might be a broken relationship, compromised children and a selfish life.
So everyday, I always feel grateful of the things I have in front of me and I am thankful that God did not always say "Yes" to my requests. Because I love who I am today and I'll keep on learning and improving!

4.   I appreciate 'him'.

I don't know how can I still stand up after being blamed, judged and provoked. I am not sure if I can trust myself and win that confidence I once lost when I disappointed the whole world, but he... He didn't changed. He didn't blame me nor judge me. He didn't tell me that I am worthless because I made all these mistakes.

Having a husband who understands me, gives honest and loving advices and a husband who kisses my tears away, oh men, I could be like this forever! Even if there are times away with the kids, missed milestones and guilts, I would work very hard for my family. And with that,  I have learned to appreciate him, I have stopped asking, "Why am I working when it's supposed to be him?". We're always a team and I love how we are building this family!

5.   I trust God.

Above all, trusting God has been the most effective way I was able to cope with these : guilt, envy, pride, laziness.

I know that He will not place me here alone. Being a working mom has developed a different height of faith within me. I trust Him and I will always surrender to His plans.

Extra tip? Moms, pray, pray, pray! 
There's really nothing better than pouring it out all to Him.
Prayer changes everything.
I didn't stop desiring to be a stay at home mom, because if given a chance, I would love to do so. Having a job and a family to take care for has given me my purpose.

I will always be proud that I was able to do all the best I could for my family and to honor Him.

Stop that "working mommy guilt" and let's all be "GRATEFUL WORKING MOMMIES"!

All the best,
Mommy Grace

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