Hooray! I got my ".com" name!

Hello friends! I've been busy the whole day learning, reading and watching tutorials on how to use my newly purchased domain. It was not easy, it's HARD!

I thought after I've purchased my own domain it'll be easier to manage my blogs. It actually became complicated.

Last month, I told you that I've chosed Wordpress over Blogger. Well, I do! Actually after almost 2 months blogging in WordPress, I had 8 new-found-virtual-friends!

Now, why I'm back on Blogger?

1.   I really find it hard to let go of my Blogger account but I did. Blogging here has been meaningful for me. I also have virtual friends here and this has lead me to doors of opportunities inside bloglandia. Really, my blogging life started here.

2. I CANNOT connect my domain to Wordpress.com for free! And I can't afford to purchase for a hosting service.

Why I totally created a new blog from scratch?

I tried God knows how many times to import my content from my old blog but it just won't work!

And since I am excited to use my own domain, expect a couple of posts over the weekend! I have a lot to share and I am thrilled to finally be using a .com site!

Wouldn't you congratulate me? Oh please do! I will really appreciate you giving me a thumbs up for this! Hahaha

Got to go, baby Yobbie wants to play! :)



  1. Sad to hear that you had to let go of your wordpress blog. Congratulations on having your own domain name and best of luck!

  2. Really sad... But I won't delete it :) Thanks for dropping by, Padre Pio! When are we gonna meet? :p