Father's Day @ Le Burgeria

Finally I was able to convince my husband to try that little burger house a few blocks away from home. Yey!

Le Burgeria is located at #9 Pag asa St at Barangay North Signal Village Taguig City. They are still in their soft opening so it's open from 3PM-11PM. But on June 23 they will be on their regular store hour from 11am -  11pm.

First, let me comment on the way the store was dressed. It is simple but instagramable! The space was not so big, in fact it has I guess eight or ten 4-seater tables only. I love how they use chalkboards for their large-frame-designs on the wall. Creativity that won't burn a hole on their budget, nice!

Of course the FOOD.

Since I was not able to cook his "now" favorite carbonara ala gracia, he ordered carbonara to satisfy his cravings. I ordered Cheesemelt Bacon Mushroom Burger & lemonade.

My husband also tried their special milkshake. He originally ordered Choco Fudge Donut but to our disappointment, it's out of stock so he had Strawberry Donut.

The shake's a lil too sweet and the whip cream they've used was too thick, medyo nawala yung lasa nung strawberry. Anyhow, it's still good. Maybe our tongues were expecting chocolate milkshake that's why they're a lil bit disappointed. Hahaha!

The Carbonara:

For me (because yes I tasted it hahaha) it's fine. I'm guessing they've used parmesan cheese which is a thumbs up. Authentic carbonara's really like how they cooked it - mushroom, bacon & cheese. Not too creamy but not saggy.
My husband liked the taste but he said he still loves my creamy carbonara. Ayiieee!

The Burger :

For 120.00, it's super sulit! I love the way it's plated using a wooden box, one thing though since the burger's flooding with sauce, I almost eaten the paper they've use as napkin.

I also liked their signature colorful bun. I first saw that kind of bun at Kitchen Central, another burger house in Signal Village.

They also have Fried Chicken Meals if you want rice. But me and my husband's already full with our food. We will definitely be back! We want to finally try their Chocolate Milkshakes, hahaha! Next time we'll bring the kids. ;)

For an affordable price, we were able to eat delicious and mouth watering foods.
Happy father's day again bebe ko! I love you to bits!

Trivia: like Zark's Burger, Le Burgeria has a free burger if you can finish their Junior Stacker - 4 1/4 pound patties, 2 Luncheon meat slices, bacon, mushroom, onion, lettuce, tomatoes & 400 grams fries in 5 minutes!
Or if you think this is very easy for you to beat, then try their Mother Stacker, same component, the only difference is the EIGHT 1/4 pound patties and you should eat 'em all up in 10 minutes! Deal?

We really enjoyed our stay here. Of course, our "di-pwedeng-wala" selfie:

Thank you, Le Burgeria for making his day practical yet special. :) 'til our next pig out!




  1. Yay i want that tall burger saka yung shake n me donut

  2. Thanks, Dane! We wanna try that Mother Stacker nga e. Hahahaha kelangan gutom na gutom ako nun para free! :)

  3. I was also planning to go here last weekend kaso mahina ako sa Geography haha. I'm from Pembo and don't know how to get there

  4. Hello, thanks for dropping by! From Pembo just ride a jeepney going to c% waterfun. Then from c5 waterfun, tricycle na red na lang po byaheng hagonoy, sabihin nyu po sa pag asa lang kayo. Pag baba nyu po konting lakad na lang makikita nyu na ung Le Burgeria :)