5 Reasons You Should Sing to Your Kids

Tonight, my firstborn Lance is having a hard time to go to sleep. He already watched his favorite shows but he's still energetic! 

His baby brother's already sleeping and I also want to go to bed because I want to rest so once I go back to work tomorrow I will be feeling better.

It's past 10:00PM and there's still no sign that he's sleepy! 

He asked to watch their video on my phone where he's reading to his baby brother. He's calling it "seven" because after counting "1,2,3" he jumped to "7" then "9" and go back to "7" again and was stucked there. I don't know what's with seven, but I really found it cute!

So going back, I told him to sleep na after watching it and he said "opo" but we already played it for four times! 

Frustrated, I think of something I can do to help him fall asleep. And I ask him if he wants me to sing, to my surprise he answered "opo,sing!" then embraced me. 

I have colds and I really sounded like a ngo-ngo. But after 3 songs, he gently closed his eyes and fell asleep!

Like what??? I've been waiting for those eyes to finally close and sleep for almost 3 hours!

Realization: When I am pregnant with Lance, I used to listen to gospel and classical musics and I even let him hear the music. Because I have read that it helps babies to grow smarter and that soft music calms them. 

When he was a litte younger, this baby boy was not used to sleep alone, nasanay na laging buhat - what would you expect, first apo eh!

For him to sleep faster my mom usually hums a familiar song (yeah, without lyrics, minus one! Hahaha). 

As for me, I sing gospel songs to make him fall asleep easier. 

Maybe this is the reason my son is so inclined to music.

Having said so much about singing to your child/children during bedtime, here are my 5 personal reasons why I still sing songs for them.

 1. this became our bonding. As a working mom, I only have limited time with the kids, as much as possible, I would like to be part of their everyday routines like eating, bathing, playing and yes, even sleeping! Singing for them is like having a connection that only a mom and child has - a sweet, personal amd heart-to-heart connection.

 2. Your child loves your voice. Believe me! Even if you think you're sintunado (I am!), they appreciate your singing and they love it! The first music your baby hears is your heartbeat, the second is your voice. I have gained two fans : Lance and Yobbie! :p

So, sing to them until they are appreciating you! Hahahaha! (Because once they get older, they will just laugh on you).

 3. This is one way of me saying "I love you". It's not always that I get to be with them before they sleep, because usually after work, I will come home with my babies already sleeping tight, and I'll just kiss them goodnight. Times like this are really precious, because I get to hold them, hug them, kiss them and yeah sing for them as the sun sets, and I love it!

 4. I feel fine. I mean, we all go crazy about this motherhood game, aren't we? Singing to my kids and watching them (slowly) fall asleep beside me while slapping me gently and embracing me; makes me feel that  I am indeed their mom! 

 5. I also get connected to God. I usually sing soft music for them, I will choose slow songs, mostly gospel songs. Lance is actually familiar to some songs like "How Great Is Our God", "5 loaves and 2 fishes" and "When I think about the Lord". I sing not just to let them fall asleep, but also to worship God who has handed me these beautiful gifts. 

Nights with my family will always be the sweetest, because I get to enjoy the whole night hugging and kissing them and taking care of them.

My sleeping 3 months old Lance Quay

My one day old Marcuz Yobbie, sleeping


How about you mommies, is singing to your kids has an intimate meaning for you? I'd love to hear your stories!