S. T. A. R. T 2016 by Acting On Faith

Whenever a new year starts, I am all excited! I am full of plans, goals and I am so passionate. I want to try something new. I wanna be better. 

But change won't happen from 11:59 PM to 12:00 AM. It's a lifetime goal. And we should be acting on it!

Today, as we attended the Sunday Service, I received a message of beginning. A message to Stop making excuses, Take stock, Act on faith, Refocus and Trust God.

And I've learned that we fail because we don't plan ahead, we don't listen to healthy criticisms and we give up too soon. We forget that nothing's disappearing from 2015, that we are still continuing that life we've lived last year. But a new year is a boundary for us. To restart, refocus and to evaluate our experiences so we can be wiser, better in 2016. Also, it is a mirror of our failures and shortcomings. It is a signal that yells, "ACT ON FAITH!" It is reminding us that we might be choosing the same path again, we may decide the same way we did last year and we may (we will) be making mistakes again, but God is a god of chance and He'll be waiting until we completely trust His will.


2 Corinthians 5:17 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible because it reminds me of the identity I've received upon accepting Jesus in my life. 
I was once a caterpillar turned to a beautiful butterfly, transformed by the sweet relationship I had with Him. I've forsaken my first love. And my goal and prayer is to go back. To be one in the Spirit again. To be available to minister and share the gospel. To have an active fellowship with other christians. To have a fruitful prayer life. To be a woman God can use.

No to new year's resolution. I will focus on living that same old life, just better.


Year's goal: To grow and act in faith.

Mary G :)