Hopes of Becoming a WAHM

January 12, 2016. First day of work after an almost three months maternity leave.

I've been a working mom for two years now and I can no longer contain the sadness of being away from my kids. But what can I do? I have to do this to be able to provide - and that means sacrificing my time with them.

My firstborn is a certified daddy's boy. It's not a big deal for him whether I am present or not. And that hurts. So.much!

We can't afford (yet) to lose my job. But I don't want to stay like this forever.

I've got deeper interest in blogging because I'm getting a lot of tips and true-to-life-testimonies from successful WAHMs (work-at-home-moms). And just like them, I want to have time and financial freedom while taking care of the kids and being there in every milestone they'll achieve.

And today, I am again faced with the reality that my 9 hours everyday will be without my sweet angels. (Sigh)

I am trying to be a freelancer. But up 'til now, I don't know what to offer. I want to try freelance writing but I'm afraid my knowledge and skills are insufficient. I am teamed up with a host/magician/ventriloquist and we're offering party services, but we haven't receive any bookings yet. And just recently, I became part of an enterprise that offered me a project-based job of generating them new leads. I also entered a multi-level marketing company that sells korea made skincare products.

Anything for them.

My wishlist for the 1st quarter of 2016.

1. I'd like to attend workshops about entepreneurship, motherhood, blogging and marketing
2. I will evaluate myself so I'll know what I can become and what can I offer. Hoping to finally see what's in me that I can share!
3. I'd like to meet other mommies and learn from them
4. I am hoping to have clients for our party services and enterprising business
5. To  be successful in this networking business

Mommies, can you help me with my list? I am hoping to finally be a WAHM within this year. Claiming it!