Our #bloggys experience

When I started blogging I didn't know that there are blogging events, forums and awards night. I'm not aware that there are promos, raffles and giveaways given to active bloggers. Now that I've explored a little from cyberlandia, I get to be part of different communities and group of bloggers that support and inspire one another.

I've got to be honest, I am checking on different blogsites and spy on the blogger's account. I envy them! How are they able to have such a beautiful blog, a number of followers and a wonderful social life?

I know that blogging is not just merely expression of thyself, it is a passion, a journey, a life. Some blogs will give you helpful tips and information, some are personal reflections and adventures, but all these contents boil down to one goal - to share.

I am thankful that on November 16, I received an email that I am part of bloggys 2015!

Bloggys set up an event called Gala Night to award those brilliant bloggers from different categories. This night's not just for the winners and finalists but also for all active Filipino bloggers that share the same passion of sharing and motivating. I am not a finalist but I am glad that I got a chance to be part of this event and meet different people from different industries and bloggers of different niches. :)

I came with my ever supporting hubby who's not into blogging but wanted to take a peek to what I'm currently hooked into. And he enjoyed! If not for hatred of words and expressing himself, he certainly would have been a blogger like me.

Thank you bloggys for letting us experience such a great night! With some big names from different industries, amazing and talented bloggers, big companies and all the wonderful people behind this event, the night has been a meaningful one for a blogger who's just starting from this venture. I am inspired to share more and learn more!

Congrats to all the winners and all the bloggers who were given a spot to the hall of fame! Keep on sharing and continue in pursuing what (we) love!

*Here are some of our pictures from gala night. Was not able to take pictures of all the booths and the award ceremony though. Sorry. Been selfish taking only selfies from the booths we've participated in and from the collab area where I've met some bloggers and had a bond with  hubby (with chips and refreshments! Haha)