Happy Birthday, big brother!

It's your special day...
Thanks for being always a way, way better kuya to us.
I know I've given you and the whole clan disappointments, but thanks for always understanding and for the love you genuinely show.
They might be times that we don't agree with each other, times that our actions and words belittle each other...
But this world is round, the ups and downs make us whole.
Thanks for being so generous, not just by giving us material things but for the scoop of kindness you always feed us.
I may not always tell you (and again the whole clan) that I love you, but I do, as in really!
Thanks for loving my family, my sons and my husband. That despite our family's imperfections, you stood still and stay our big bro.
Can't wait to see you build your own, take a risk and don't be afraid.
All your worries and fears, about our aging parents, the younger sisters' future, the house, the dream car and all that -
Those will be given unto you (us), tiwala lang. If you think those dreams we've started when I was younger were all gone, no they're not. I may have my own family to prioritize, but those dreams were meant to be fulfilled by US.
Yeah, I'd still be there, still trying to achieve those dreams. Kapit lang :)

(er too much keso here!)

So Happy, happy birthday to you, Kuya!
I wish you all the happiness this life could offer, all the love in the world!

The simple celebration we've had last night was meaningful. Being it was our first time to eat (as walk in customers) to an eat-all-you-can restau, it was baby Yobbie's unang gala, too! And it's a pre-celebration of Lance's birthday as well :)
Di nga lang tayo kumpleto...
But seriously, I should be the one thanking you for everything.

And hey, smile! Your wedding day is a much awaited event - soon? Haha

(P.S. sayang wala tayong groupie kagabi. :( nagligalig na kasi si bebe Yobbie e)

Thanks for the jolly company, shout out for Cherverly and Kuya Don :D
We missed you there, sissy Etel!


As per the place where we celebrated his special day, we decided we dine in a buffet type restau (gutom kami e, lol!). We're actually torn between Cabalen & Kamay Kainan and we went to where we can eat all we can, all we want without spending more! 

We wanted to taste the best Kare-Kare in town so we chose Cabalen. I called them to make a reservation for 10 people at 6:00pm for dinner and they booked us under my name. I was informed that if we'll come with a birthday celebrant, he can eat for free given it's 3 days before or after the birthdate and that he'll be accompanied by (minimum) 5 persons. They'll just ask for a valid ID.

The fee for their All-day buffet is Php. 298.00. With that cheap price, you can already enjoy their savory dishes which are local delicacies such as grilled fish (catfish, milkfish, tilapia), buttered and baked tahong, dinuguan, sisig, kinilaw, creamy tofu, adobo, lechong baboy, togue, steamed veggies (ampalaya, okra, talong), crispy kangkong and their all-time favorite kare-kare! I also got to try an exotic food, the creepy-looking alimurong (not sure if I'm right with its name), its like a cricket (eew!), but it tastes like shrimp (may aftertaste nga lang haha!). If you are into salads, they have garden salad there. And of course, para sa pang-alis umay, they have Filipino desserts, too! Viands of kakanin (palitaw and carioca), tropical fruits (watermelon and banana), marshmallow dipped in chocolate and mix-it-yourself halo-halo. 

We really enjoyed eating and chit-chatting there. The ambiance is not so impressive but overall it was an amazing experience!

*I will again apologize that I don't have pictures of the dishes and the place. We have with us a newborn baby and a 2 year old super kulit baby boy! 

But you may check their website and/or see 'em for yourself!