Four You (Our Wedding Story)

This will be my last post for 2015 and I'm gonna make it simple and a lil sweet. Ayiieee...

2015 has been a wonderful year to both of us - yeah I'm referring to you, hubby. This day marks the fourth month since the day the Lord has given us the sweetest gift we could ever have in our relationship - our marriage. It has been four months, yet I could still remember how we were excited for that day, or should I say how we were that nervous as we prepare for our big day.

We initially planned it to happen on July 4 but it's not the date the Lord has set nor our bf-gf anniversary date which was August 7. It happened August 30, 2015, just as we thought we won't be able to make it happen! I am pregnant when we get married, we have nothing but a heap of faith! God has been soooooo good to us. We faced a lot of problems, criticisms, challenges and disapproval for our wedding. We almost gave up! But thanks to all people who backed us up and support us.

We wanted it to be really simple. No more entourage. Mairaos lang talaga.
I told myself, "it's still the thought that counts" di ba? And we are into the blessing of marriage, not for anything else.

Enough of these explanations, haha! I wanna say THANK YOU first to all the people who really helped us and extended their love. :)

I wanna start with my beshes (Dada, Jen, Carmie, Donna, Mika) Oh, you girls are superb! You don't know how blessed I am to be your friend! Without you, I just don't know what my wedding would look like (although besh Jen was not there). Kayo yung parang naging wedding coordinator-slash-hair and makeup artist-slash-photographer-slash-lovely guests namin e. All in one talaga! Kaya nga rin di ko na kayo kinuhang ninangs ng mga bebes ko kasi I know that your love will be extended to them automatically e. I love you girls! I won't trade anything for this awesome friendship, forever na 'to!

Also, a big thank you to Ate Julie Anne for our ring. We know how busy you are pero naisingit mo pa rin kami.

To Ate Jack na di naman dumating (tampo pa rin talaga ako sa inyo), for giving us everything she can. Mas masaya sana if you were there. Nevertheless, super thank you pa rin!

To Chad, for capturing the moment! I never thought we'd be this close kasi super choosy mo, eh haha! Thanks for celebrating with us and for all the great pictures!

Special mention to my college best friend, Cha! Super duper thank you for being my host for the night! You were so beautiful that night and I really thank you for a genuine, beautiful friendship we're sharing. It's not only my wedding cake, I am always grateful to have you in my life! You're not only my wedding singer but my sister! If not for you, I would've known Jesus in my life :)

And of course, thanks to Ptr. Art as God has used you to deliver His message and blessing for us as a couple.

Flying kisses for Tita Melody for the bouquet, Ate Bubbles for doing my hair, for Mommy A for introducing Tramway, we had the best buffet experience there!  And to Momzie Joysa for convincing me na #tamangpanahon na! Hehe :)

Our hearts were filled with joy seeing all our family and friends took their time and yeah, effort (because of traffic jam, remember it was the same day INC people displayed themselves to EDSA for an I-don't-get-it-rally?!) just to be there and celebrate with us.

Makakalimutan ko ba? Thank you so much Nanay, Tatay and Papa for giving us your blessing. I know our roads were once rough and the experiences we've had were heartbreaking, but we are grateful, always, for your love and acceptance.
I will never forget those "oh no! my tears will fall!" messages from our parents, our favorite lolas, Nay Norma, Lola Anna and to our beautiful ninang, Mommy Claude.

And of course, bebe ko...

To my ex BF, now my hubby, Leo :
Thanks for sharing this life with me. We may have our differences, but God has already made us one. I know I am a nagger, but I do that because I love you. Life won't be easy and no matter what happens, let's be partners - walang iwanan.
Alam ko ayaw mo ng ganito and that we're not into monthsaries or what not. But it's not everyday that I tell you how I am grateful to be your wife and that I appreciate all your hardworks including all the things you're doing to grow and improve and all your dreams and plans for our family.
I love you to the moon and back. I'm sorry for my unreasonable, unexplainable tantrums. I just missed those days when we were single humans, oh those quality times!
Happy 4th! Say your goodbye to 2015 and let us welcome another chapter in our lives. Together, let's be amazed by wonderful works of God! Kapit lang, we'll get through all these.


"Just Married!'
August 30 2015
At Tramway Buffet Plaza, Shaw Blvd.