All I Want For Christmas

I was about to post something about how to celebrate Christmas when you have less but I ran out of ideas because those emotions came rushing in again and I don't want to ruin my Christmas with those sentiments. So I deleted the draft and I re-focus on what I have rather than looking at what I CAN'T have.

So here it is, a more positive post for this season. I know it's only 4 days before Christmas and it's too late to make a list because Santa's all packed-up and ready to deliver those wishes! But no, this isn't a wishlist. This is an "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" list!

I wanted to buy gifts for my family and all my friends but I can't afford, sorry! I also wanted to buy something for myself and hubby but we are on a tight budget. I honestly joined A LOT of giveaway promos but was unfortunate. 

So rather than feeling bad about having less this Christmas, I think of the things I should be grateful for and here's the list:

1. A life remembering the reason for this season. Thank you Jesus for showing us the simplicity of Christmas during the very first Christmas Eve!
2. That although I don't have gifts to wrap for everybody, there's still love and appreciation embracing us!
3. That even I don't have gifts to open, gates of heaven already opened and showered wonderful blessings! 

This year:
* We received the blessing of Marriage after 5 years of being together (08.30)
* I survived another pregnancy and gave birth to our baby Yobbie (11.13)
* We invested for our own house and hoping to move soon :)
* My firstborn, Kuya Lance, turned 2 and he's just happy and healthy (not to mention, super kulit!)
* Good news from work :D (ssshh!)
* New found friends (personal & virtual friends)
* Relatives from Mindoro are safe after typhoon Nona destroyed their houses
*and a lot, lot more things to be thankful for!

So even if we're not able to have that 'shining-shimmering' Christmas, I am happy that we're celebrating together.

And lastly, all I want for Christmas is to share the gift of LOVE (yiieee cheesy!) and be united to all people I truly love.
All I want is to be with my family, sharing joys and laughters. Our table may not be full on Christmas Eve, but what we'll have there are the most delicious!
Cheers to a simply-full-of-love Christmas!

So let's sing Merry CHRISTMAS and a happy holidays,
This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus.
Let HIM be the one to guide us
As another new year starts... :)

Merry Christmas from #TeamSuycano!