Sweetest Dream

It's 08:53PM and I am not yet sleepy. I wonder what other mommies are doing at this hour. Perhaps washing the dishes, preparing the next day's meal, reading a bedtime story for their lil ones or simply enjoying a quiet 'me' time.

Me? I am looking at my son who is now sleeping like an angel. I wonder what he's dreaming about 'cos I can see a smile on his face. Seeing him like this makes me think that I am doing this 'motherhood' game correctly, but not perfectly. I am also getting impatient and tired. I sometimes shout at him out of irritation. All these tasks put on my shoulder plus a biggy-belly and the unborn child are almost killing my sanity. But when I get to relax and find my 'me' time, even for a couple of minutes, I feel recharged. I know that I can always rest in God's love - He is enough.

Tonight, I am grateful for my husband for doing the laundry and washing the dishes for me. I am grateful for a naughty child who is always testing my patience. I am grateful for our simple home, the food that we've eaten. I am grateful for the moving baby inside my womb. I am grateful to have this life.

I am grateful that I am living the sweetest dream every woman could have - being a mom. I can now sleep with a heart full of gratitude and be ready for tomorrow.
For whatever challenge I might be facing, these boys, my husband and our son(s) are my inspiration and I'll get going!