Sharing my passion in reading

Okay. Lemme rest with dramatic posts, lol! It's a Thursday and I'd like to post a throwback for a friend of mine, her name is Angelica Simplina. It's not her birthday or what not. I just remembered her. Recently, I finished a book and I cannot see a new novel to start with.

So, what does Angge have to do with that thought and books?

I'll get into that later. Meet her first :

She is Angelica Simplina, I call her Angge. She's a highschool best buddy of mine. Simple, kind and beautiful. She finished Accountancy and I believed she's reviewing for her licensure board examination.

Her surname fits her very well. Her simplicity is her legacy. I admired her for that. Her innocence made her personality so genuine. And I missed this girl, soooo much!

Going back, this post is all about her interest in books and/or reading.
Getting to the point, she's not a book-lover. Hehehe

Last February 2014, we met at BGC. She was working at QBE then. Her office was just walking distance from our office. Since we both have graveyard shift, we decided to meet at McDonald's to have breakfast.

It was our first 'date' after quite some time.

We chatted, laughed and shared stories about the past and how we started moving on with our lives after high school.

Meeting up with an old friend is really a moment to treasure and cherish!

Since it almost 10 AM, we decided to go somewhere - as in any place where our feet will take us.

I really missed these kind of gala, so I took advantage of the spare time and this lovely companion of mine.

We went to Fully-Booked. Angge told me that it was her first time there. So I tour her around and showed her some of my favorite books. That is the time that she confessed she's not into reading.

An idea got in me, I know she won't be spending that much with books. So I told her to come with me and see if there's good deal of book sale at Market!Market!

She agreed and luckily, Chapters and Pages was opened on that day!

I asked her what she'd like to read. She said she doesn't know but she wanted to start with a self-help book. I showed her some books to choose from and I insisted that she buy one.

The ending was fulfilling because I was able to push her to read. I don't rush her, I told her  to read the book at her own pace and reflect on it. I even encourage her to write down something that she has learned from the book.

Reading for me is a passion and it's great to know that I get to share this passion to others.


Can you also share to me a story where you've shared something to a friend of yours? Be it material or non-material. 
How does it feel?