My #Wonderful world

Globe asks how these three factors make my world wonderful. And so this is it! A blog to express my gratitude.
All these three play significant roles in my life, from *Daniel Arpon Bondad, a man very close to our hearts. He is our church pastor. Para na namin syang tatay. Napakarami nyang naituro sa akin and he helps all of us to stay connected with the Lord.
**Fireproof, it is my favorite movie. Its tagline reminds me to be faithful and loyal to my partner in life, my husband. Sabi nga, "Don't leave your partner behind"
***And of course, the most wonderful blessing I received from God, "My Family". 


I became a mom at the age of 21, unexpectedly. Yes, it was a baby dress to wedding dress story. Mahirap. Nakakafrustrate. Marami kaming nadisappoint and the beginning of our journey was really bumpy.

Because of our young age, di namin alam kung anong gagawin at kung saan kami magsisimula. Of course, we wanted to set things straight. We planned to get married as soon as possible. But it never happened the way we planned it. Naging masyadong kumplikado lahat. From the disappointed parents to our religious beliefs and financial status, Argh! Kaka-stress!

There's actually a point na gusto ko na sumuko. Magpaubaya na lang sa gusto nila mangyari.
But, we stood up for ourselves. Tinanggap namin lahat ng masasakit na salita, because in the first place, it was our fault.

Pinatunayan namin sa mga sarili namin that we can be parents, we can build our family. If God has entrusted us with this, then we must be willing to do His will.

When we saw our first-born? It was the most amazing moment in our lives. Worth it lahat ng sakit sa paglalabor at lahat ng pinagdaanan namin. Seeing him was love at first sight! He has given me a new courage, new hope.

It has never been easy. Napakaraming trials. There are times that we wanted to give up. Nakakapagod. All the puyat, diaper-changing, this motherhood role is really getting into me! Pero paano namin tatalikuran ang responsibilidad na ito? This is now our world, our life. This new-found role has taught us to stay stronger. We live our lives now with a new purpose. At ang pinakamatamis na endearment na naibigay sa akin ay ang tawagin akong "mommy"!

Di pa man kami totally nakaka-adjust, we were again challenged! After a year of exploring the world of parenthood, binigyan ulit kami ni Lord ng isa pang blessing. We are again expecting!

We were afraid. Why? Because there are things that we weren't able to straightened up yet. Like our marriage. Di pa namin totally matawag na asawa ang isa't isa kasi di pa naman kami kasal. At marami pa kaming dapat matutunan sa pagiging mga magulang.

But God is really good! Just last August 30, 2015 we were able to get married. It was a simple celebration. Di na yung dream wedding, di na importante yun. Ang mahalaga ay yung maibigay namin sa mga kids yung reputasyon ng isang maayos na pamilya.

The love and acceptance that we received from our family, our church and friends inspire us to continue and be better. Masarap sa pakiramdam na unti-unti we are able to start with what we can call our own - Our Family.

And just recently, we visited our future house at Laguna. It's exciting to know that soon, we will live independently. May the Lord guide and help us. :)

Another wonderful blessing came, just as the world hated November 13 being "Friday the 13th", kasabay ng lahat ng kaguluhan sa Paris at iba pang panig ng mundo, we welcomed our second angel! After the excruciating pain of labor, it was just amazing seeing our son. Lahat ng takot nawala. Naisip namin, "kaya namin 'to!"

Simple pleasures will always be life's greatest treasure. My hubby and I are happy to be blessed with this wonderful family. Marami man kaming naiwang pangarap mula sa kabataan, like traveling together and finishing our studies, wala kaming pinagsisisihan. Everything's worth the change! Kaya naman patuloy kaming magsisikap para sa aming lil family. We want the best for our angels, lalo na ngayon na dalawa na sila.
We are hopeful that we will have a happy home. We will always be grateful of everything that we have in front of us!
Sabi nga ng Globe, "abot mo ang mundo" kaya #TeamSuycano, go lang ng go!


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Mommy Grace