Marriage : Love Reborn

So this is it, the 7 days love-reborn challenge! I was not able to post this last week because I felt sickly. But now that I'm up and active again, let me share you how a simple change of thought can revive a rusting relationship.

I told you that we've been upside down recently. Me and my husband argue a lot and it seems like we're just boardmates living on a same roof. He does what he wanted and I do all the chores. I think of it as being unfair. I pity myself with the situation that I ought to go nuts and drive him crazy.

Yeah, I realized it was not (just) him, it's the TWO of us!

During these hard times (which I think might be cause of my pregnancy mood swings), God revealed to me a lesson. First, to respect my husband and second, that I am a woman, made to be with him and help him.

So rather than thinking of giving up or blaming him, shouting at him and all those crazy things we (women) are doing, I paused, think and pray.

Pausing from all the burden and emotional luggages help me ease my mind and I was able to think clearly. Praying, on the other hand do the releasing of tension and calmed me.

I dedicate a time to just pray for him and I lift everything to God. No one can change a man's heart but Him, so I surrender.

Love Reborn is a challenge I set for myself to look for a new angle in our relationship. To be honest, I am not wishing of  fairytale-like love story, just a simple, intimate and pure love. First, I think of things that we might be lacking. And the list is here :
-Quality time

Simple things, right? But, no. These are major things that can damage a marriage.

So what did we do? We asked my mom to take care of the lil one and we went out for a 'date'. Not a very romantic and expensive date, but a simple and personal one. We just stroll the mall, look at things we'd love to buy and talk about future. Plans that we have for our family and ways we can achieve 'em.

I love it this way. Whenever we're alone, walking and holding each other's hands... Being a simple couple who didn't wish for the golds and silvers, but simple pleasures. A couple who bonds with food and lovely thoughts. A couple who shares dreams and achieving them by faith :)

For seven days, I've became nothing unusual. Not sweeter or whatsoever. I just respect him of being himself. I tried to be slow to anger, do the chores without pressure and demanding. I let him be himself and love him as he is.

Me, on the other side of the story, tried to focus on who really I am. As a wife, a mom and as me.

Some people say that my husband is very lucky and that his life with me is very comfy and convenient. They thought that because he is not working, he's living like a prince.
My husband didn't choose to be a stay-at-home dad, he actually hated the idea. But for the sake of our family, he open-mindedly accepted it. And I appreciate that really.

Now that I was able to see how our responsibilities equaled, I have loved him more and I felt sorry for myself for always thinking that I am given all the tasks, that he's not doing anything, etc.

I thank the Lord that I was given a chance to peek on simple things that really matter - and that's how my love for him was reborn!

Just like the old days, our greatest love-linker is food!!! We love to eat very much but we savor only the simplest form of pleasure.

May it be foods from restaurant, fast food, karinderia or home cooked, we never forget to be grateful that we're able to enjoy such sweet blessings together!
And that's why I love being his wife -- he is simply amazing!

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" Ps. 34:8