Marriage : Firing Up Your Love

After the 7-days Love Reborn Challenge that I've given myself, my relationship with my husband changed, not dramatically but at least a little.

Today, as I woke up I feel light hearted and my mind's clear. I was able to see and appreciate the things that I've got in front of me rather than thinking of what we don't have.
As a wife, I know I still can do better. I'm always thinking of things that I can do or change to make our marriage work. 
But God set a message in my heart and that's loving life as it is. I've done little but those steps are my beginnings.

After more than a week, I have learned to live simple and just - Love Life!

Here are 5 reflections from the Love Reborn Challenge. I call it "Firing up the Love"

1. There is no specific guidelines or standards for marriage.

I always compare our marriage to other couples that I really admire. Why can't we be like them? What are they doing to stay sweet and inlove?

The reason that I've demanded more from my husband is that I am wishing that he'll be the Mr. Right.
But he's not. Every relationship differs and every love story is unique.

We shouldn't be looking for a specific standards to have a happy marriage.
There's no such thing as perfect. Only God is perfect. 

Stop looking for something that is not there. Focus on what you have and grow from those.

2. Marriage is not a duty.
Strive for personal balance.

Yes, we share responsibilities and tasks and we felt obligated to attend with those. But marriage isn't a job. It's a partnership. An intimate relationship.

When I feel overwhelmed and frustrated, I do my stuff. I avoid looking at the messy house or my busy husband in front of his computer. I will grab my books and my journal. I will have my personal 'me' time. And just like now, I will try to post a blog.

This will make me relaxed and all irritations and the feeling of "He's not helping me" will go away and I gotta get going. I'll finish all my tasks without any burden.

Do not let the thought of 50-50 rule damage your marriage (and your sanity). Things will not really go the way you want it. And, moms... Men aren't created to do household chores (always remember that).

Pray for strength and God will do what you can't.

3. Don't let small things left unseen

May it be a simple I love you from him or an unexpected kiss or hug. 
Your son trying very hard to say 'i love you mommy', or a smile or an act of gratitude from your family.

Appreciate those!

These things are what make us human. We may thought that these lil gestures don't do anything, but they are actually the ones that will take our breath away!

4. Bigger expectations can give you a heartache.

My husband is not a Don Romantiko type, I knew that from the start. But I still expect him to be romantic. Most of the time, he'll give what I want but I won't feel 100% satisfied. Why? Because it isn't authentic. ;)

So don't expect too much and let life surprise you by its own way.

5. Always be grateful.

Having a husband who stays even after seeing all my flaws is a great blessing! We may have rocky times, we may argue at times, and we may have different character, but I thank him for giving me a wonderful family.

And hubby, "thanks for accepting who I am and absorbing all my negativities and bad attitude. I love you!"

God will not give us what we deserve but out of mercy, grace and love, He'll never fail to satisfy us.
In everything, give thanks.

Let's talk:
What are you doing to stay committed in your marriage?

Please leave a comment and let's keep the fire (of love) burning!