Have a break!

Last week has been rough for me. I am not feeling so well. The plans we've had for the weekend changed and I was not able to accomplish anything. I have several new posts that were kept on draft even they're scheduled to be published over the weekend.
I worry about deadlines and expectations. My appointments were canceled. The plan for a general cleaning didn't happen. 
But you know what I've learned from all these?

That stopping from time to time will actually help you be back  on track. 
God doesn't want us to be in a hurry, He doesn't want to pressure us. He loves us and He'll help us.

At times like this, God wants us to relax and be with Him - just look unto Him. We will find rest in Him and He will give us a big hug we've always needed.

This world could throw us upside down and we might get overwhelmed from all the things we ought to do.

But we can always have a pause, talk to God, free ourselves, re-focus and work one step at a time.
We can always have a break from all the things we require ourselves to finish and be still, thinking of what really it is that God intends us to do.

Also remember, God will NEVER leave us with these battles alone, don't you trust Him than anything or anyone in this world?


"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13