Since blogging has invaded the online life of a lot of Filipinos, it's great to know that great bloggers are being recognized. I personally have started with this venture not just to express myself but to tell the world how grateful I am with this life. 

I am just a beginner, newbie or a "junior" in the field. But a lot of bloggers have inspired me. Reading all their works and how they have succeeded with the path they chose has given me a hope to be more. 

I sometimes think that my blogs are senseless and that I won’t be able to reach an average of audience. But I know that in every great thing, there are small, unseen and unappreciated things that happened first. So I won’t let the rush of success eat me, instead I will continue to have fun at what I do, making everything simple and worthy. One step at a time. I do know that we all started with nothing and so are these famous online influencers.

Being a working mom is tough, and these people motivate me to try the life on-the-go. I am not sure yet if that is for me. So for now, I will just enjoy the perks of being a blogger!

So what is #bloggys2015?

It is an awarding event for Filipino bloggers who have shared great impact to the online world. Nomination of bloggers has started from September 1-30 of this year and the voting stage took place from October 5-30 2015. The judges have already determined the winners and they will be on the spotlight on November 21, 2015 in SMX, SM Aura Taguig. They will also be given a spot to the Hall of Fame. Awesome, right?

Aren't we all excited for this? This isn't just an "event", this is a night where the country's top bloggers will unite and will inspire a lot of Real Filipino Bloggers! A night where ideas, passion and legacy will pour out!

I will personally love to be part of this event and be with the great minds! 

Thank you #bloggys2015!