Being with God doesn't have to be difficult

A personal reflection from this thought (credits to Proverbs 31 Ministries)

As I have realized recently, God doesn't want to pressure us of getting to know Him.
As a working mom, I am always setting a specific time for the Lord. But, truly things won't always be going on our ways. Ending? I always rush! 

I thought that if I ought to read from the Bible, write on my journal and pray, I thought that I am doing it all right. But no... It feels like an obligation, not a devotion.

God loves us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We just have to be true to ourselves and be sensitive of God's voice. He will always reach out to us in all ways possible without giving us any stress. God knows our responsibilities and He wants us to accomplish those. He is an infinite God who loves us unconditionally.

Be with God in your most convenient, relaxed and quiet time.

Being with God doesn't have to be difficult...
We don't have to follow any rules when building an intimate relationship with Him. He just wants our willingness and a pure heart 
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