My kiddo and his broom-brooms!

My lil boy is 22 months old. I know his personality is just developing but there's one thing I've noticed about him - it's his love for 'broom-broom'.

He loves to travel, riding a taxi or tricycle makes him chill and relax (and yeah behave!). Whenever we're getting him out, he will always point out to cars and airplanes and will shout "Oooooh!"

I know it's normal for a baby boy. But what amazes me is his memory. Just recently, he saw a toy-truck that was given to him when he turned one. It was broken the same day we gave it to him.

He will point to the broken part and will say 'lagot...". He asks me to fix it. I was amazed because he remembered the part that was broken without me telling him. Now that he has more idea how to play with the truck, he will keep it beside him while he's sleeping.

He also loves playing at Timezone and Fun house and the only place where he will use the tokens is the 'broom-broom' place.

 When we first let him ride it, we didn't put a token. We just let him explore it and see what he'll do. He loves the manibela so much and will even make-face while playing with it.

Even we're on a tight budget, we make sure that we have a bonding for him every now and then. A playing child is a happy child, right?
My son is a natural explorer. He will observe people and things around him and will try to copy us. This sometimes lead to disaster - like getting hurt or wounded. But I let him learn it his way.

He loves his bicycle and its music. When he was a lil younger, he loves riding it and dancing along with the music. Now that he's stronger and (maybe, he thinks) wiser, he will not just ride on it but he'll experiment with its parts. He loves playing with the wheels and acting like a mechanic. He can even carry the bike to where he wanted to bring it!

Mom's POV :

 At this point in time, as he is learning and loving the idea of riding, leaving, traveling, controlling and driving, me as his mom continues to learn how to get along with these wonders and wanders. I know that he is an intelligent lil boy and I don't wanna waste that! I don't know if I am doing this 'motherhood' life/job correctly, but I am praying that God will help me and my child get to the right path of life.

The innocent look in his eyes inspires me and Dadi to support him to whatever dreams he'll have. I know that it's too early for me to think that far, but that's a daily prayer I'm asking the Lord, specially now that he will become 'kuya' soon.

Lance Quay S. Suycano
Born on : Dec 8 2012
Name Meaning :
Lance (messenger of God)
Quay (a concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships) haha related pa rin sa sasakyan. Actually Quay is also a city in Singapore.
Traits : he has G6Pd which makes him limited to soya and other foods that can cause allergic reactions.
He doesn't want to get dirty, gets to much irritated with poo-poo and sticky thingy.

My little rider :)