Mommies, it's better if you'll cook

Is your child a picky-eater?
Most moms have this problem. As for me, both my husband and son are picky-eaters. I honestly am not good in cooking pero ayoko namang pakainin sila ng puro fast food or binili lang sa labas.
I am grateful that being a mom teached me to learn cooking, slightly, I can manage to cook whatever they would want to eat. Minsan nagiging 'patyam' (tyambahan kumbaga), pero at least nakakain namin.
My son's turning 2 on December and I am grateful that he's healthy. I won't say he's eating whatever is served on the table, but at least he's eating.
When he was a baby, he loves veggies. He loves ampalaya, sitaw, kalabasa & carrots.
Nowadays, he doesn't want strong taste of foods. Before his favorite ulam was adobo. He seldomly eats his adobo now.
I don't know what changed his food preference but I've studied his pattern - his eating style.
Recently, I figured out that he likes baked goodies. When I try to give him chocolate brownie that I personally baked, he ate them and even asked for more!
So I tried to make food-imbentos to attract him. I started to give him bread-like foods like veggie balls. It's a combination of veggies (your choice), flour and seasoning/other flavors. He loved it! I am actually selling those kaya nagtatabi na ako ng para sa kanya.
My son, though a picky-eater, will not refuse to eat. Pero pag di nya nagustuhan ang lasa, di nya talaga kakainin. He wants to eat rice with nothing, yes as in walang ulam, walang sabaw. Plain rice. Pag nalasahan nyang may kasama yung rice nya, idudura nya yun! So we learned to give him his rice and ulam alternate. Isa lang nagustuhan nyang kasama ng rice nya, BANANA! Yeah, he loves banana so much!
People will say that my child is 'siksik'. Di mataba pero malaman. Unlike other kids of his age, bato-bato raw si lance. :)
His motor skills are impressive. I remembered that he first attempted to walk when he's 6 months! So I could say that he doesn't lack nutrition.
Moms, I suggest that you give your child different variants of foods. Wag paulit-paulit. Be creative. Know what's their favorite. Mix and match. Yes, parang sa damit lang, mix and match flavors. Make every meal fun!
Kahit malakas ng kumain ng solid food ang baby namin, malakas pa rin syang magdede. He's a bonakid child before, hiyang sya sa bonakid. But since he's already 1 y/o, we replaced it with Bear Brand, ayaw kasi nya ng Nido.
So far, so good. Wala kami nakikitang problems sa milk nya or sa appetite nya.
Sinasabayan din namin ng vitamins : Combi ng Ceelin & Cherifer.
One thing I love being a mom is preparing meals for my family. Kaya I prefer to cook rather than buying or eating out. Specially now that I am pregnant, I need more nutritious foods. Plus, mas tipid yung ganun.
We don't want to compromise our family's health, so let us find ways to keep them healthy! Kung may gusto kayong i-try lutuin for them, google and youtube are our bffs. I personally used our technology to explore. Napakarami ng recipes online na pwedeng gayahin :)