Marriage : Fight for Love

I wanted to write this topic because I would like to refresh or should I say 'pause' from whatever it is that me and my hubby is struggling right now.
This is a blind spot actually. I don't know if he feels the same way, but I think our relationship is rusting.
No relationship is perfect and the 'love' you'd had will change, and in some instance - disappear.
There's a lot that I am missing from our relationship. And surely, he do as well because he keeps on reminiscing how our life was so simple yet so happy and comfy before.
Now that we have kid (soon kids), it's hard to spend time together, be as sweet as we were before, and we are always occupied with things that we need to do.
We've been together for five years. When Lance (our son) wasn't around, we are always together - couldn't be separated. We spend our lives with simple pleasures like foods, window-shopping, playing in timezone and fun house, watching TV together, cuddling and exchanging stories and laughing out loud.
Today, I can say that our relationship is child-centered. We no longer have time to spend for even a small talk together. We seldom go out alone and we can no longer enjoy each other's company the way we did before.
As a woman, I am hurt by the fact that he no longer chooses me, he no longer notices me. He's no longer sweet. We barely talk and technology's killing the romance slowly AND surely.
I want to find ways, even how small or how corny, to be attached to him AGAIN. Whenever he's not in front of the computer playing games, he's sleeping or busy playing Clash of Clans or attending our baby.
I know, there's no special occassion to act weird and send him unusual gestures. But, everyday should be special and filled with love, right?
Also, I'd like to keep in mind that trying to be sweet or romantic would not instantly change our status. This is a work in progress.
I surely love this guy that's why I wanted to regain the romance and intimacy.
I thought that once we get married, we'd be better couples.
We just recently got married and things got even worse!
I wanted to start on a lot of things - actually simple things that we can do together even in a small amount of time.
I am posting this and will keep on updating so I can see if there's any progress and if there's some more that I can do to help us.
Please leave a comment if you have bright ideas. I'd like to try anything to keep the love burning :)
I'll start with a week's plan. I have 7 things in mind that I would like to ask him do with me.
Before that, I will list down here 3 personal things I'll do for myself to help me with the tasks. These 3 bullets will be my reminder and guidelines... :)
1. Pray for him
- I believe in the power of prayers. I will set a time to just pray for him and nothing else.
(I will make a prayer journal for all my prayers for him)
2. Be patient
- I will remind myself not to lose temper, respect him, be modest and slow to anger. If he won't cooperate to anything I say, I will respect that and do it my way :)
Consistency, sumapi ka sa kaluluwa ko. LOL!
3. I will have my own world
- I will give him the space and privacy he needs as a human. We are married but we are still different from each other. Different hobbies, different passion, etc...
And I will start with myself. Devotions, quiet time, prayer time... So I could personally grow inside and become better. :)
I'll post the 7 day love reborn next week. :)