I quit complaining

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Job 10 : 1
My soul is weary of my life; I will leave my complaint upon myself; I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.
Are you disgusted with your life? Are  you tired?
We all feel the same. There's always a moment when we feel crushed, disgusted and weary. Human are fond of complaining and complaining and COMPLAINING. Yes, it's not wrong to speak your heart out. But before you complain, think of what your current state is. Are you still breathing? Are you able to eat 3 times a day? Do you have a job that can support you? Now, think of those people living in the street. Aren't you so blessed?
People always complain and won't give thanks. They will ask God for a job, once it's given they will complain about how it makes their lives harder and stressful. In the first place, who prayed for it? The thing that I am pointing out here is the heart of human. We are never satisfied and if it's hard for us -- we blame others and even blame GOD!
Let me share to you the possible cost of (all) your complains :
  • Complaining OFFENDS the heart of God
  • Complaining carries significant CONSEQUENCES
  • Complaining gives your heart all the reason to be stressed
I will not elaborate much on this. These are self-explanatory. As soon as you realized that things do not go the way you want it, you (we) complain. How (is it possible) to quit complaining?
Here are three things you can do or can think of so you will be restrained from complaining (well, we can never quit it. Complaining comes naturally).
  1. Think of all the blessings you received from God
  2. Be happy. When things go wrong, find a solution or a way out. There's always a way to cope with all our struggles
  3. PRAY. Talk to God and speak your heart out. Tell Him that it's getting bad and you cannot do it alone. Ask for strength and contentment and freedom and peace. Whatever it is, tell God to help you.
Free yourself out of worry and complains. After all, this ain't our home. All these will end and soon we will leave a life without problems.
(Now that's something to look forward, huh?)


This is a series from our church. It was my birthday when this topic was preached. It was just a perfect birthday message for me. First, I complained why my family did not remember that it's my birthday. (They're busy with the papal visit). Second, my husband got a work on that day and we planned to attend church and eat dinner with his grandma outside (somewhere special, our different restaurant maybe) - it never happened. Why? It rained. It changed my mood. I felt bitter. I called him and released all the negative thoughts I have inside. Yes, I was rude. He wanted to buy cake for me, i refused. I pity myself. Condemnation ate me. I no longer want to celebrate. My parents don't want us to attend church 'cos it's raining. My baby might got sick. But ... Praise God! Just in time, the rain stopped and we're able to attend church. I was very happy and fulfilled. Finally, my birthday will make sense. The down side? My husband's mood didn't change. He ignored me and lo, my birthday ended just like that.

Now that's a consequence of my complains. We should not be mad or frightened if things seem wrong - God's not done yet. Wait for his surprises and stop complaining!

This post is from my previous blog, I just feel like sharing it in here. Kasi this day was full of complaining. Me and my hubby argued about little things and we almost, no we did blame each other.

So... for my hubby

Bebe Ko,

Sorry if I keep on nagging and if sometimes or a lot of times I'm losing my temper. 
Just recently, God said to respect you as my husband. And I will try my very best to add a lil more patience pa :)
Hope you understand my mood swings especially now that I am pregnant :)
Thanks for still staying and for your mahabang pasensya.

I love you!