Dog Bite

***A person bitten by an animal potentially carrying parvovirus or rabies virus should seek medical care. An animal bite may also cause serious bacterial infections of soft tissues or bone (osteomyelitis) which can become life-threatening if untreated.
Rabies results in the death of approximately 55,000 people a year, with most of the causes due to dog bites***
(source: Wikipedia)

Scary, right? Moms what would you do or rather how would you react if your precious one was bitten by a stray dog?
None of us would want that to happen, but it does happen. So we must be prepared as well.


the wound, daddy and injections! :(

My little boy, 22 months old, was bitten by a dog last October 10. I was at work and the only person to face the situation was my husband. The dog was owned by one of our neighbors. I don't know what exactly had happened. But as per my husband, Lance was playing outside, in front of our house. He was holding a walis tingting (he loves cleaning, lol!) and there was a van parked near him. Nobody knew that a dog was under the van. Maybe, as my son's playing with the broom, the dog got intimidated so he attacked my son!
Luckily, my husband was able to see that before the dog tried to attack Lance again! 
It happened in just a bit of second!
My husband and my Ninang brought him at the Health Center. My husband was asked if Lance was able to complete all his vaccines. Since he has completed all  the vaccines, my husband was told to just go back on Monday for the anti-rabies shot. That's 3 days after! 
My husband went home and cleaned the wound with soap.

We don't want to compromise so we rushed him at Makati Med. He was given immunoglobin and anti-rabies. Meds are called Berirab and Verorab. After that, he was scheduled for 4 more sessions of anti-rabies. We need to have the meds injected on October 13, 17, 24 and November 7. 

The dog was kept by the owner but we were advised to observed it within 14 days. 

2 injections, 1 for each leg. Poor baby! :(

Regarding the owner?
We've already talked to them and made settlement. The 1st shot was cosy, almost 12k, that would still depend on the weight of the patient. No one would want this to happen. So dog-owners, be mindful and take responsibility.

The next 4 sessions of anti-rabies might be in RITM in Alabang, that's where the dog-owner wanted so we could get cheaper price for the anti-rabies.


Moms, take care and don't let the kids be with an animal you don't know or own. Be safe!

My son's doing fine now after he had a fever yesterday. That could be caused by the injection.

this is our cute lil boy ;)
Baby Coco Martin daw :p