Not of this world

We are living in a world of pain, fear, worry, competition, selfish motives, anger, guilt, jealousy and all those negativities you could think of. We follow people, meet their expectations and depend on their opinions. Blindly, we are living as shadows of others. We go to the flow. We follow what's trending that we forget what's right or wrong. We think we're successful if we have lots of friends and money, if we owned a car and a house. If we have a profitable business and all those material things in this world.
Friend, everything will come to an end. You cannot bring your silvers and golds when you're dead. Your physical body will return into dust and all you will have is the legacy that you've left while leaving on earth.
We had an ice breaker on our weekly team meeting in the office. Dunno what's the name of the game. It goes like this :
Each of you has 10 lives which will be corresponded by your fingers. One by one, you will state something you've never done before and the others will lose a life if they have already done it.
I won't write the confessions here but they're mostly sexual experiences. I won the game. 5 fingers remain standing. Someone said my life's boring. The other says I am still young.
Well, I am young in age but I already have a child. I am a parent. I am a wife. My partner and I do have sex. But we're doing it with love and simplicity. We don't experiment to add on the pleasure.
Why do we ought to do things extreme and unusual? For fulfillment? Pleasure? Or is it because they are doing it and you want to be like them?
We live pleasing others. And we ignore the reason why we are sent here. Yes, we are just sent here for a mission. This is our training ground. Some might not believe that the world's gotta end, and that they're just sleeping when dead. But we shouldn't be attached in this world. This is not our home. Our God, Creator, Father or whatever you're calling Him is preparing our home there in heaven. We just have to believe in Him and follow. In heaven, we no longer feel pain or fear and we will no longer worry. We will just be happy and we'll just sing and rejoice for the Lord is good!
My life might be empty of material things or pleasurable experiences, I am contented. I don't have lots of money to afford signature clothes and shoes but I am not jealous. My treasure's not here. I don't wanna keep trash in my heart. I am not of this world. Sooner or later all that we have acquired her will be gone. As Job said, we are naked when our moms delivered us, we will come home naked, too.
Stop pleasing people. Live according to your purpose. Invest on spiritual wealth. Do not be one in the world. It'll soon be taken away from us.