I Quit Making Excuses

Whenever a new year comes, we think of things we want to change. Change of lifestyle, diet-programs, goal settings and so on. We put things by list and makes a vision of what the year would be (for us). But... what could be the reasons we're not able to change? Or why do "New Year's Resolution" seem to be so impossible to do?
As soon as I want to be different, circumstances make me stay the same
That's true. We may try to act different, eat healthy foods, exercise, meditate and take time to be with our families, but if we don't know how to handle such circumstances that destructs us, we will never succeed.
We always find excuses. We think of these things too luxurious to achieve.
My whole life I wondered how
This wondering heart could turn around
It’s over now, yeah...
I am a man in need
You are my remedy
We just need to FOCUS - on things that MATTERS. We are lost, but He who has found us knew that if we will turn to Him, all things are possible. Do realize that He is always attempting to invite us to a great supper, but we will not come. We make excuses. (Luke 14:16-20). What's sad about it is that, the excuses we are giving Him are actually things that He gave us. We make our job, marriage, education and even spiritual activities as our alibis not to be with Him. You may not be aware but those things you always thought are good sometimes lead us to the worst. We should open our eyes of what this life is really all about. Did Jesus call the apostles to just follow Him and just walk around? No! He actually commanded them to share the good news and He even empowered them to heal and to make miracles. Jesus wanted them to be His witnesses.
Consider these two questions :
  1. What does God want to be different about your life?
  2. Why does God want this part to be different?
Sometimes, we just need to slow down and look around us. What is it that we are trying to accomplish? As we continue our journey, we will find our goals and purpose. However, doubt and fear will arise and will drag us down leaving us empty.
I want you to know that Jesus came to show us how beautiful it is to live. We should do life BIG and stop making excuses! If we believe, it will happen. If we'll go, we will reach.
Open your eyes, raise your hands and do all things for His glory that all things work together for good (for those who are called according to his purpose).
I came to give you life,
So spread your wings and fly,
Now go and show no fear,
You are enough to change the atmosphere
Today, I will stop making excuses and will do life big by focusing on what matters and by being different - good to better. I will trust the Lord who gives us everything. Let us make everyday beautiful - NO EXCUSES!