Choose to be happy. Choose God

At times we forget where were at
We tend to focus only on things that we think can make us
I wasn't writing anything on this blog site for some time because I don't feel like sharing
My heart weakens every time I think of problems and pain and disappointments
I worry too much.
I put myself away to people because I am tired of explaining.
One point in life, I started to feel worthless.
No one loves me! No one appreciates me!
Life is unfair!
Until all relationships were broken...
Until I look for my happiness from every people I think are significant in my life.
I was shaken. I was lost.
I take the easy way out. I faked happiness. I-I no longer know!
I am so full that I want to explode! I want to shout and blame others for feeling miserable!
I am ... i don't know who i am...
then I forget... life never stopped here.
I am not changed nor improved.
I became the loser.
I forgot... that I have 
my God who truly loves me, and He never leaves my side
my family, who supports me and cares for me
my Church, who encourages me and lifts me up by His Word and genuine affection
my lover, who at times makes me feel unworthy, but still accepts me and stayed
my son, who inspires me
my friends, who are reaching out to me at times I needed them the most
and "Hey, did you pray for it?"

I forgot that I have all the means to a beautiful life, I just have to choose to be happy and trust God and let Him do it His ways specially if I can no longer continue...