A Chance to Grow

When can we say we stop growing? When's the time of your life you can say you've reached maturity? As we all know, age will not justify our maturity. We may be years older but our mind might be on the same stage as before.
What a mature person thinks is:
Change. Change. Change.
If we will not open ourselves to change, then we stop growing. People who takes change negatively always feel disappointed. He pity himself. He envy other people. He carries all the stress and problem for a long time. While on the other hand, a mature person feels happier. He loves himself and thinks of improving. He loves and respects other people. He moves on easily and lives life to the fullest.
Yeah, it's easy to say "I must and I will..." But in reality, starting to one specific point is very tough. I remember the movie, "Facing the Giants". When I feel like quitting, I always think of the courageous guy who goes the extra mile to finish his coach's challenge. To crawl on the ground blindfolded with someone sitting at your back. On the last (few) steps (or crawl), he almost gave up, he cried with pain and agity. But his coach cheered him to continue.
When it feels hard, do not give up. When it is harder, continue. When you're at the hardest, pray and ask God for strength, then... Finish it!
There's nothing given to us that we cannot endure.
I haven't write for quite some time because I cannot see if it does me anything. I feel like wasting my time. But then, I realized,
I am not living for people anyway
My life and my works I dedicate to God. Then, I will live a life fulfilled. All trials, struggles and failures, are my chances to grow.
I will simply hold on my faith and GROW...